Thursday, March 31, 2016


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How many of you LOVE Andy Skinner's techniques and the way he can manipulate paints and mediums to mimic rust, chipped paint, weathered paint and a host of other amazing effects?

Well, right now on DecoArt's Mixed Media Blog, I am featuring an IKEA mirror that has been completely transformed from bland white to a very dimensional "metallic" rusted and weathered home decor piece.

Curious to see the entire piece and how this could be done?  

Head on over to DecoArt's Mixed Media Blog for the complete pictorial tutorial.  This technique is MUCH easier than it looks and the results using DecoArt Media products are completely AMAZING!

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  1. I'll look again in a bit, I either need more coffee or perhaps it's not up just yet,
    but it's lovely and I look forward to seeing more on it Candy! :D

  2. oh wow Candy - just been over for a look and your project is just amazing! Will be back again for another look to have a go myself at those techniques. I am doing a workshop with Andy Skinner next weekend which I am really looking forward to! Jennie x

  3. I have been to see, it didn't like the 'too long' message that I left but just wanted to say thank you for your brilliant tutorial and for introducing me to Blue Green Light and highlighting with Titan Buff, both great tips. Like Jennie, above, I am doing the same workshop with Andy - cannot wait! Anne xx

    1. I appreciate you're stopping by the blog to see the tutorial. Thank you so much for that and you're always lovely comments. They mean so much to me. I know you will absolutely love Andy's class is next weekend. I'm so jealous I can't be there. Have a fantastic time!!

  4. Well - the DecoArt blog always limits my words and that drives me nutty because I spend forever trying to get my comment under the limit EVERY time - eheheheheh. I must be long winded compared to most. And in this case - for sure I am so... I am going to post it ALL here - hehehehehe!!!

    Oh my gracious..... I was totally in awe the whole way through the step by step and the luscious photos but then when you pulled out that metal to cover the mirror... my jaw hit my desk. I mean, hello, talk about piece de resistance????!!!! That metal rack covering is it. OH YEAH. Also adore the bingo and admit one - they look like stencils. Just wow.

    This is just beyond INCREDIBLE Candy. But then.... seems like I just keep saying that over and over when I see your creations. Before long - you won't believe me any more. Do I like it better than your Easter piece..... you can't compare the two. That would be like comparing a chocolate bunny to chocolate ice cream - personally - I would want both! Your rusted mirror is not even my type of decor but it is LUSCIOUSLY WONDROUS art in every way and I love it!!! XXj.

  5. Off for a closer look Candy! I know I will love it as I LOVE everything you create! hugs,Jackie


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