Wednesday, July 24, 2019


Hello everyone!

I am excited to share my latest creation for Andy Skinner's Creative Design Team.  It's a 5" x 7" burlap canvas.  You can click HERE for all of the details on how this piece was created.

I was gifted with this fabulous mysterious eye by a dear friend in the UK ... Carol Findon.  She makes these eyes in different colors and sizes.  If you are interested in purchasing some, just private message her on her Facebook account for more details.  They are fantastic and this eye was the inspiration for this piece.

This canvas was very introspective for me as I was creating it.  It's funny how art imitates life; even when we're not aware of it at the time we are creating it.  I've always believed that someone's art is their way of really expressing what is going on within when sometimes words just don't come.

"The eyes are the windows of the soul" is such a true statement. Except, instead of looking into someone's eyes; how about trying to see out of someone else's eyes...see the world from their "window"?

This past month or two has really given me lots of opportunities to reacquaint myself with some valuable lessons about what is important and not taking anything for granted. Dealing with some serious family health issues has taught me that things are often not what they may appear to be. There is good and bad in this world.  Learn to differentiate between the two and how to move forward through life.

I hope that you will let your heart and your creative soul speak through your work. It means so much more when you finish and then realize you were actually speaking to yourself through your art.

Enjoy your day!