Tuesday, October 27, 2020

 Hello to all and 

Happy Halloween!

This month, we have been celebrating October and Halloween; creating "Spooktober" over at Creative Expressions. Be sure to hashtag your entry to #cespooktober to enter a project!

This is the last week for the fun! The theme is "The Witching Hour". So, I appropriately mixed Andy Skinner's Sugar Skull stamp with a black construction paper witch hat to create ...

You can click on THIS LINK to be taken to Andy Skinner's blog to see all of the pictorial details as to how to create this project as well as a list of the fabulous Andy Skinner line at Creative Expressions products used in this.

Have a fabulous day and remember take time to create! It really is like therapy ... only less expensive! 


Thursday, October 8, 2020


Greetings everyone! 

I am very excited to share my latest Halloween piece for Andy Skinner that is now being featured on his blog.  I've titled this 5" x 7" canvas "Dead Man's Hand".  Anyone who is a poker player knows that aces and eights is called a "Dead Man's Hand".  

Here is a sneak peek!

Andy's newest stamps and mixed media transfer sheets were my primary inspiration for this ghoulish piece. 
Creative Expressions has teamed with Andy to create some fabulous mixed media products; everything from Artist Pigment Paints to Image Transfer Sheets to Rice Papers!  You really need to check them out.

And...right now, they are having a Spooktober Challenge that I just HAD to get in on!  This week's theme is "SKULLS". I think this playing card qualifies with it's smiling skull in the center of the ace of spades!

Click HERE to be taken to Andy's blog to see the complete tutorial of how to create this Halloween canvas and links to all of the products at Creative Expressions. 


Wednesday, September 9, 2020


 Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I've been on my blog.  I've been doing some creating ... just not keeping up with the posting as I would like to.

Bu ....I am super excited to share my newest creation that I have done for Creative Expressions and Andy Skinner!  Andy has a brand new release of stamps and rice papers!  You can go to Creative Expressions to check out all of Andy's line there including stamps, stencils, rice papers, Artist Pigment Grade Acrylic Paints, Mixed Media Mediums, etc. 

Here is a sneak peek at TWO of Andy's newest stamp releases: Angel and Skyline. I have combined these two on an envelope that would be perfect as a gift envelope or used in a journal or homemade book to stuff ephemera or little notes, etc. 

For all of the details on not only the new products but a pictorial tutorial on how to do this mixed media project, click HERE

Monday, June 1, 2020

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing my newest mixed media canvas board piece on Andy Skinner's Creative Team blog.  CLICK HERE  for the complete pictorial tutorial.  This piece is introducing several of Andy's NEWEST PRODUCTS released through Creative Expressions. 

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully this canvas is a reminder to all of us that ...

THERE'S ALWAYS HOPE for a better tomorrow.  It WILL get better!!

Until then, stay safe and and try to find some time to create!  You'd be amazed at how peaceful it is to just lose yourself in your own imagination as you let if flow from you onto an art journal page, a canvas, a book ... whatever.  Just let it flow!

Thursday, April 2, 2020


Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share with you a whimsical Spring canvas I created for DecoArt's Mixed Media Blog using a Wrendale bunny napkin and some wonderful new and old products from the people at DecoArt!

Here is a sneak peek at this adorable little guy!

Layers and layers of mixed media fun work together to create this 5 x 7 canvas that will make you smile when you see it. 

For all of the pictorial details, I encourage you to "hop" on over to 
DecoArt's Mixed Media Blog 
and check it out!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 13, 2020


I've been having a lot of fun in the craft room while the winter winds blow outside.

Today I would like to share an 8" x 10" mixed media canvas featuring some of  Andy Skinner's new line of products with Creative Expressions. 

I thought the melting crayons technique worked perfectly with this sentiment stamp!  The background was done using some of Andy's new Chalk Paint colors and stamped with his "Memories of India" stamp.  LOVE IT!  

You can check out all of the photos and tutorial step by step on his mixed media blog

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Hi Art Friends!

It has been so gloomy here with the wintry weather.  It's miserable to go outside but a perfect time to be in my craft room.  I find serenity and peace there; especially when I turn on some relaxation music with nature sounds tucked in.

I wanted to share something with you this morning.  I have a metal clock I found at Hobby Lobby years ago in a clearance section.  It is a plain metal clock with the paper face of the clock partially torn off.  I don't know how long it had been sitting there but the second I locked eyes on it, I knew it had potential to be something other than what would probably have ended up being tossed.  So, I brought it home with me and it sat on my work table for probably two years.  Now I'm sure none of you has EVER brought something home with the best of intentions to immediately create a masterpiece only to have it sit and collect dust.  Right?!? 

Anyway ... the other day, I was cleaning and organizing in my craft room and there was my clock.  This was the day I would give that pathetic little thing a new purpose!  So I started with some white gesso over the face and top of the clock so that whatever I ended up doing with it would have a surface that would "grab" anything I decided to do.

This was my poor little clock when I started.  I loved the exposed intricacies of the "guts" of the clock. I knew that I wanted to color them but leave them as they are because they are art by themselves.

I gathered several pieces of scrap cardstock that I always keep.  I tore a little of this and that and created a new face for my clock; something that would compliment the skeleton already provided for me.

I added a touch of lace and tissue as well as the torn cardstock to the face using DecoArt Media Matte Medium as a glue and then as a sealer over the face.  This way, anything else I added to "age" the face would protect the design I already had in place.

The dome of the clock was crying to be recreated into shabby/vintage/slightly industrial style top.  Here are some metal cogs with Tando Creative Bolts and Screw Tops made from chipboard glued in place.  Alternating between them are sweet little lace hearts.  All glued in place and then brushed over with White Gesso.  I also painted all of the tower tops on the clock base with White Gesso for aging.

Now to get the new and improved dome of the clock back to a similar color of the metal of the original clock. This was done using Creative Expressions Cosmic Shimmer Raw Umber.  I also randomly brushed paint over the still raw metal on the clock just to blend it better with the sections I had been altering.


To enhance the clock face, I first added touches of a wash created with Creative Expressions Cosmic Shimmer Raw Umber and water (using my finger).  I wiped off the excess using a baby wipe.  Then I added a wash of Creative Expressions Cosmic Shimmer Cobalt Teal mixed with a touch of water and DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Translucent White.  It made a beautiful soft patina teal-ish color that perfectly accented the face of the clock.  This color combination would also create a lovely patina look on my next step.

While just fooling around with the wash, I figured out that if I just filled my brush with a watery mix of the Cobalt Teal and the Translucent white and slopped it onto the metal surface of the clock, I could move the paint around in random patterns with the hot air coming from the heat tool.  I added more paint in areas and repeated the heat tool technique.  This is what I ended up with.  I LOVE IT!!!  Very random and very old looking!

Now to add the rusted appearance to the clock.  This was easily done using my finger and Creative Expressions Cosmic Shimmer Quinacridone Gold.  I just rubbed the paint randomly over areas of the clock to bring out highlights and detail that touch of rusty aging.

I wanted the lace hearts to remain very shabby chic looking among the patina and rust.  So, using my finger again, I added small amounts of DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Titanium White over the lace hearts.  I love how the teal bled through on its own.

The finishing touches ... I painted the Tim Holtz Mini Numerals first with gesso and then DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Metallic Gold.  The little ribbon roses were just painted with the metallic gold. 

I also altered these little brass crosses into the rusty patina look on the clock using DecoArt Fluid Acrylics Translucent White mixed with Creative Expressions Cobalt Teal and Quinacridone Gold.  I love the detail that it brings out on the crosses.

I placed a cross on either side of the clock.  I also painted the metallic gold paint around the metal braided trim to "frame" the clock and add more detail.

Now for the finished clock:

Here is a closeup of the clock.  I also patina finished a metallic butterfly that I added to the top of the clock.

The now repurposed sad little clock has new life!  I added the little gold roses in the center of each of the lace hearts on the dome as well as two little half crowns blued together and altered to match the new clock look. 

The clock face opens out.  Here you can really get a look at the "guts" of the clock and why I am so fascinated by them. And yes...this could be a working clock by adding batteries. Notice the detail just adding paint to the braided metal and around the edges of the dome and clock face that the metallic gold paint adds!

One side of the clock.

The back of the clock.  I added a bottle cap with a sentiment to the pendulum that moves back and forth. 

The other side of the clock.

Now I guess I'll be on to my next art adventure!  But I wanted to share this with you to prove that something that looks like trash isn't necessarily that! With a little imagination and a few art supplies, you can create something lovely and that will bring you joy to look at it!

Happy Crafting!!!

Thursday, February 6, 2020


Hello all and welcome back to my blog in this new year!

The sloppy rain and wintry conditions are a PERFECT time to stay indoor and have some art fun! 

I am fast developing a new addiction; ,mixed media envelopes!  They are not time consuming, have a real "WOW" factor when they are finished, they are fantastic little gifts for enclosing gift cards, little notes or attaching on the lush pages of homemade books or junk journals (another passion of mine). 

Here is a sneak peek at my sweet vintage envelope being featured on DecoArt's Mixed Media Blog.  Adding mixed media to your paper crafting can open up a whole new world for your art! It provides more dimension, character and depth to a piece. Mixed media elements, paper and little vintage embellishing really do compliment each other so much! 

Join me over at DecoArt's Mixed Media Blog by clicking HERE for all of the pictorial tutorial details!  

Happy Crafting and thanks for stopping by!

Monday, February 3, 2020


Hello and welcome back!  It's 2020!  Isn't that crazy?

Anyway...I am so excited to share my latest creation on Andy Skinner's blog.  It's a vintage style plus mixed media envelope perfect for gift cards or sticking in a junk journal, handmade book, altered Golden Books or whatever you're into making these days.  
I'm into all of the above!

Here is a sneak peek at a small portion of the envelope.  Some of you Graphic 45 lovers may remember this clown paper ... a real blast from the past!  I only have scraps of this paper left but I always loved it!  It's perfect when paired with my new Andy Skinner Creative Expressions Mixed Media Transfers featuring this truck.  The stamp in the background is also available in Andy's Mixed Media Transfer Line as well as rubber stamp called "Roll Up! Roll Up!" through Creative Expressions.

All of the steps to create my mixed media envelope and links to find all of the products are waiting for you HERE on Andy's blog.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, December 12, 2019

HO  HO  HO!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Are you ready for Christmas yet?  I'm getting there.  Thankfully I found time to have a play with my DecoArt Media products and had so much fun creating something I have wanted for years!

A Christmas tissue box cover! It's so hard to photograph a four sided project when there is so much to see on every side.  BUT...you can click on THIS LINK and magically be whisked over to DecoArt's Mixed Media Blog and see of the wonderful pictorial details to create one of your own.

This project is so easy to do!  If you have Christmas Napkins, some cute Christmas Washi Tape, a bit of Tinsel Garland, Doubled Sided Tape and some wonderful DECOART Mixed Media products, you'll be crafting in no time!


Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Steampunk Style Canvas

Greeting my crafty friends!

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted.  Life has gotten in the way but hopefully it's getting under control and the creative juices will be flowing again.

I am excited to share my latest canvas piece for Andy Skinner's blog.  
Here is a sneaky peeky.

You can CLICK HERE to be taken to his blog for a complete pictorial tutorial.  

The products used are from   

Andy has partnered with them to develop a new line of products and they are WONDERFUL!  HERE is a link to the catalog page of Andy's products.

Thursday, August 29, 2019


Hello all!  Welcome back!

Fall is on the way which means pumpkins, bittersweet, turning leaves and all the wonderful things of the Fall season will be upon us before we know it.  Fall is my favorite season of the year.  I also love kitties, so I have combined the two in my lastest project for DecoArt's Mixed Media Design Team.

DecoArt is releasing some new paints in tubes from the Traditions line.  I was lucky enough to be given some of them to try.  I LOVE them!  So creamy and smooth going on. New White Gesso as well.  It's amazing!

You can click HERE to be taken to DecoArt's Mixed Media blog.  There you will see all of the details and tutorial photos in creating this whimsical 8"x10" canvas. If you have the time to leave a comment here and/or there, I'd love to read your thoughts.

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great week!

Thursday, August 22, 2019


It's going to be Halloween before you know it!

Just in time for this is
Andy Skinner's NEW release of products from Creative Expressions!
(Click the link above to see all of Andy's products. and Creative Expressions.)

My latest creation, "Midnight Riders" is featuring some of Andy's NEW products as well as some of my favorites from his first release earlier this summer.

Here is a section of the canvas I've created.  In this section alone are several of Andy's new products:  Horror Mixed Media Transfer Sheet, Praying, Horse Skeleton and Imperial Rover Stamps, Cosmic Shimmer Lava Paste and Cosmic Shimmer Strata Paste.  

You can click HERE to be taken to Andy's Creative Team Blog for a complete pictorial tutorial for this canvas as well as more information on his new Creative Expressions products!

Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment here and there if you have the time!
I love hearing from my artsy internet friends!


Hello all of you mixed media lovers!

Do I have some exciting news for you???

Here is just a sampling of what is waiting for you at Creative Expressions!!

Andy Skinner has just released his second launch of new products!  Just in time for Halloween crafting!


They are fantastic!  Click HERE to be taken to Creative Expressions' Website where you can find all of Andy's fabulous products NOW AVAILABLE!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Hello Mixed Media Lovers!

I am tickled TEAL that my latest project is LIVE on Andy's Creative Team blog!  You can click HERE to be whisked away for a look and all of the pictorial instructions.

Here is just a "taste" of what lies ahead on this beautiful canvas titled 
"Vintage Magic With Lava Paste". 

What's Lava Paste you ask?  Well ... it's one of Andy Skinner's latest new releases from CREATIVE EXPRESSIONS and it is genius!  A fabulous texture paste of sorts that heat dries in minutes and the results are nothing short of amazing!

The Lava Paste as well as other NEW release products from Andy Skinner through Creative Expressions are featured in this piece.  Find out more about his New Mixed Media Transfer Sheets, Stamps, Stencils and Mediums from Creative Expressions. They are fantastic!

Don't miss out!  Check it out NOW!