Monday, May 2, 2011


Hi everybody!!!  I'm baaaaack! I am still on my euphoric "Ranger U High" but after traveling all day, I am starting to "come down".  haha  I wanted to share a few things with you tonight and then I will share more tomorrow as I am able to download pictures and get more than two brain cells to work efficiently.
Ranger U was one of THE MOST incredible experiences of my life! In an artistic sense, it is THE most incredible experience!
But, before I ever got to Ranger U, I was shown the INTEGRITY and CHARACTER of some of my fellow Ranger U buddies.  I have GOT to share this story with you before I can chronicle the Ranger U experience itself.
Most of the Ranger U attendees traveled to get to Ranger Industries on Thursday, April 28th.  That was also the day that Mother Nature unleashed her nasty side...a VERY nasty side.  There were horrible tornadoes in Alabama and storms up the eastern coast.  Flights were delayed and cancelled all across the country.  It was total chaos at the airports.

Hels Sheridan, Cheryl Grigsby, Yvonne Blair, Linda Ledbetter and I immediately struck up a friendship upon the announcement of the Ranger U attendees.  We had agreed to meet at the Newark Airport and shuttle together to our hotel.  The last to arrive was supposed to be Linda at around 6:30.  Hels was coming in from the UK at 1pm.  The rest of us were staggered arrival times up until Linda's arrival at 6:30.  Hels came in on time.  The rest of us were EXTREMELY DELAYED.  Everyone but me finally got to the Newark Airport by around 8:30.  I was hung up in Chicago (imagine that) and would not arrive in Newark until around midnight. 
To make an incredibly long story short....these four beautiful ladies...inside and out, would NOT go ahead and keep the shuttle scheduled to pick us up earlier in the evening.  They insisted on waiting for my plane to land; knowing full well it was not due in until MIDNIGHT! For Hels, that amounted to an eleven hour day sitting in the Newark Airport after getting off of a long plane ride from the UK!!  For the rest of these dear dear friends, it meant at least 4 additional hours of sitting in an airport; waiting for me.
So, here we are..."The Airport Girls" as we dubbed ourselves....Hels, Cheryl, Yvonne, Me and Linda.  I will NEVER forget that!  That spoke VOLUMES to me about the heart of these ladies.  Aren't they great?  Part of the magic of Ranger U was getting to know the people.  Let me tell you, there were quality people in that room! one of Ranger U.  Tonight...going to catch a few zzzzzzzzz's!  


  1. Whoo hoooo!!!! so happy you got to go!!! What WONDERFUL women!!! hugs, Katrina

  2. Hi Candy,
    I'm so glad you are home safe and sound and hope that you get a good night's rest. That is so awesome that they waited for you! That is just fantastic! I'm so glad they did! What a great time you must have had-I can't even imagine what it would be like.
    Hugs and welcome home.

  3. Just goes to show you how much you are loved girlfriend! What a great bunch of amazing new friends for life!

  4. Wonderful friends for a wonderful lady.

  5. Congratulations Candy , you go girl. Amazing group pics of all the Ranger crew and how special that they waied on you before you all headed to Ranger U ... special special friends. x

  6. Kathy's right-- you are very loved, and it was a pleasure to wait so we could arrive in Tinton Falls together! ♥

  7. What lovely ladies! That speaks volumes about YOU, too!

  8. So glad you got to go and had such a great time. Making new friends and playing with Ranger products--one couldn't ask for a better time.


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