Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Good Tuesday morning everyone!

I want to send lots and lots of special thoughts out to my friends and especially to my Ranger family on the east coast.  I hope that all of you are minimally affected by the devastation of Sandy.  My thoughts and prayers are with all of those people in harm's way.

I am so pleased to have another piece being featured on RANGER'S BLOG....my vintage style jointed skeleton Halloween tag.

I remember having toys kind of like this as a kid....where you would pull on a cord and the arms and legs of the character would move in unison.  I always love those!  So, I decided to create this vintage style tag, reminiscent of those old toys.

This vintage style tag is pretty much all Tim Holtz' products.  Imagine THAT?!  Me, a Tim Holtz junkie? ....Yep!  I love his retro and vintage products!

The tag is a #8 manila tag that has been embossed using Tim's Poison Texture Fade.  Check out RANGER'S BLOG for all of the instructions to create this fun interactive tag.

Here is a picture of the skeleton before pulling down on the black cording and making him "jump".  He's just chilllin'.  Some orange and black beads are strung onto the cording and at the very bottom, a metal bat from Tim's very cool Seasonal Adornments.  I punched a hole through the bat's head using Tim's Two Hole Punch and then attached the cording.  

 Pull down on the cord and the skeleton's arms and legs spread out, 
like something spooked him!


The skeleton is from Tim's Retro Halloween stamp set.  The arms and legs are stamped twice on white cardstock so that I could give them more strength and also create their "jointed" feature.  Again, check out Ranger's blog for all of the details.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Take time out for yourself to create some Halloween fun!  After all..........it is TOMORROW!



  1. This is so fab, Cindy. Love the interactive skeleton! Off to look on Ranger's blog,

    Lucy x

  2. Whooohooo!! I love love love this make candy! Took me back a couple of hundred years but I remember making dolls like this!! Awesome as always xx

    Kaz x

  3. Happy Halloween to you and yours Candy. What a fab tag. It comes as no surprise that your creations are featured on Tim's blog. I am positive he is a huge fan of your projects too. I know I am. Thank you for your sweet comments.


    Annie x

  4. Really love this tag !!! As a kid I had those toys too ! :-) Great idea this jumping skeleton !
    Best regards Berdien

  5. I hope your family and friends on the east coast didn't have too much bad weather and that they are all right!

    I love the Halloween tag and I wish you a happy Halloween too!

  6. Happy Halloween Candy. Fabulous news being featured yet again on the Ranger site. I love this tag , the colours, the jointed skeleton and the colours. Love how you coloured in the poison letters and other indentations. Fabulous. Tracy x

  7. Well done, Candy! Its a stunning work of art! Well derserved to be featured! I remember paper dolls like this. So fun.

  8. Hey there sweet friend, thanks for sharing another fabulous Tag and you did it again eh? Featured on the Rangers site wowwzersss I love it it is spooky and funny at the same time lol....the little bat is fabulous too thankss for sharing Candy, hugs terry xxxx and so well deserved to be featured again woww

  9. I loved these jumping jack toys - so cool to make a skeleton tag of one! Great - and another well-deserved feature!!
    Alison x

  10. Congratulations!! Love this skeleton, mfab make and fab idea!! The hanging batis wonderful too...another great and creative make! Love trace x

  11. This is so cool not sure How I've miss some of your posts . Love this skeleton tag


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