Tuesday, December 1, 2015


It's December 1st already!

As the Christmas carol says, "Fast away the old year passes."  Before you know it, Santa will be making his annual Christmas Eve visit.

A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to create a "grandchildren's tree" for our home.  I wanted to fill that tree with ornaments that my grandchildren make for us and ornaments that I make for them....a dated ornament, one for each grandchild, each Christmas.  

Someday these ornaments will be theirs to share with their families.  I hope that they will become treasured keepsakes; hand made with love from their "Mimi".

I am so excited to share two of the ornaments I have just completed for my tree with you.  They are featured at DecoArt's Media Blog page with complete pictorial tutorials.

Perhaps you have small children or grandchildren and would like to start a Christmas tradition like this for your family.  DecoArt Products are wonderful to work with and I feel confident that year after year when I unwrap these precious ornaments to hang on my tree, they will be just as beautiful and bright as the day I made them.


  1. I know they will become treasured family keepsakes! Candy, these are not only gorgeous, but so precious in so many ways! Love these! Hugs!

  2. Been over to look, and love seeing your grandbabies, and love the ornaments! So precious! I love that they have their own tree too! I bet your house looks glorious during Christmas!

  3. I have just been over to see your wonderful creations Candy, they are simply superb! It is such a lovely idea to make these each year, so that memories can be enjoyed each year they are brought out and placed on the tree - and what a tree it must be! Gorgeous work, as always! Hugs, Anne xx

  4. Off for a closer look! What a beautiful gift to give those grands one day- so special!
    xo Jackie

  5. Oh I've been to see what you made Candy and these are utterly delightful. I think this is the most amazing idea to preserve family Christmas photos for your grandchildren and makes a wonderful tradition for them to share as they get older. Love them xxx

  6. what a lovely idea and tradition! I'm off to check out all the details! Julia xx

  7. Your ornaments are so beautiful Candy, just like your grandchildren. I have checked out the step by step and it is fabulous. Thank you for sharing and best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family

    Annie x

    Thank you too for the lovely comment you left.....don't know what was happening with my comment box !!!! Xx


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