Saturday, December 1, 2018


December 1st already?  Does anyone else wonder WHERE this year has gone?

There's a saying that time flies when you're having fun.  That must be the case as I am working with my DecoArt Media, Andy Skinner and Tando Creative products.  They really are so much fun to work with and the time in the craft room seems to fly by when I am in a "creative mode".  That being said ...

I am really excited to share my latest creations for Andy over on his blog.  HERE is the link to see posts by his super talented Creative Team.  New today on his blog:  My MINI BOOKS FROM ONE EXTREME TO THE OTHER!

These two mini books were super easy and super fun to make. Using DecoArt Media products and two books from a 5 book Tando Creative Mini Book Kit as well as other miscellaneous Tando Creative elements, these books came together quickly.

From Andy's more signature industrial/grunge style to a retro Santa Clause mini book these little gems are so versatile.  They can be actual little books or in the case of the Santa book, a Christmas tree ornament.

For the entire pictorial tutorial and list of supplies needed, be sure to go 
to Andy's Blog.  

Have a fantastic week and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Both these designs look gorgeous Candy. Off to take a closer look at how you put them together. xxx

  2. Hi Candy x I am intrigued by your sneaky peek so off for a closer look x
    I also left a comment on your last post for Andy’s blog explaining that I was experiencing a glitch with blogger and could not post comments no matter how hard I tried x
    Huge hugs Annie x

  3. I went over earlier for a look at your mini books, they are both fabulous!! Hugs, Anne xx


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