Monday, November 1, 2010


Several of the ladies in my area asked me have a Christmas book class.  They wanted a decorative little book to display family pictures or keep little keepsakes in. So, I created this special little vintage book that
is not only a book but can be a display piece for a mantle.
I also wanted to encourage my students to tap into their creativity even more by doing something a little different on the cover of the book. Rather than doing a chipboard cover, we're going to make 5x7 canvas covers. This is the basic cover and from here, my students can use their imagination to make this cover as ornate or as simple as they choose.
The inside features Graphic 45's beautiful "Christmas Past Collection". This is an accordian book that is finished on both sides. It features pockets, some blank spaces to attach a favorite Christmas picture and  flip pages for extra pictures.
I offered two classes for this Vintage Christmas Book Class. One will be held two and half hours away in Thayer, Missouri on November 20th. It is being hosted by a good friend, Lynn. She asked me to come to Thayer because there are so many ladies there who love the vintage style but there are no stores or venues in her area for the ladies. I look forward to the opportunity of meeting and sharing this book with those ladies! The other class is on December 4th in Ozark, MO. I am so humbled by the fact that both classes are already full. I look forward to these dates and spending a day teaching, sharing and enjoying the ladies while they create a wonderful Christmas keepsake.

Christmas will be here before you know it! Better start planning your Christmas projects now!


  1. It is a beautiful book, Candy. Can't wait for the class!

  2. Aww...thanks Shirley! I can't wait to teach it. I was thinking that it would be really pretty to maybe put some of those little Prima poinsettias running up the left side of the book front; or possibly putting a little gel medium on the cover and lightly sprinkling it with mica...for an even more vintaged look. The cover is fine as it is or can really be dressed up even more. I will leave that to everyone's own individual taste. :)

  3. I love this book, I cannot wait to get started on it.

  4. You will rock this class, Lois! You will love the molding paste, too. It's fun to work with. It will just add another dimension to your crafting.

  5. What a Fabulous Book! WOW factor X 10
    Looking around your blog and I'm hooked! LOL and lucky you to have taken classes with the man himself!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway and best of luck
    hugs Lynn

  6. Hey Lynn...thanks so much for the nice comments! You just made my day! :)

  7. Wow, great art here! I am signing up as a follower so I don't miss out! Hope you will visit my blog as well. I love your projects here!

  8. Hey Kathy! Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comments! I checked out your blog and I'm a follower of yours now, too! Love your work!


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