Sunday, November 14, 2010

Brayer Embossed Frame

This was a simple, inexpensive and fun project to do. It was inspired by Tim Holtz. Basically, it is a wooden frame covered in foil tape. Underneath the foil tape, are shapes or letters made out of cardstock that you "emboss" by running a brayer over them. To color the silver foil tape, simply use alcohol inks. You can get some amazing results just by using the "pounce" method to apply the alcohol inks. The frames are unique because YOU design them!  The alcohol ink colors I used on this frame were Terra Cotta and Expresso.  I removed the alcohol ink on the letters to make them really "pop" by using a waterproof or solvent based ink and wiping over the raised letters in a circular motion.  Then quickly wipe away the ink with a soft cloth, leaving the letters exposed.
I love how this frame turned out! "Life Is A Journey" sounds like a Tim phrase, doesn't it? 
But, isn't it the truth?
I made this frame for the occasion of our first grandson's first visit with Santa. I love this picture and I love how it looks in the frame! Same technique...but totally different look, thanks to different lettering, shapes and alcohol inks! The alcohol inks I used on this vintage Christmas frame were Red Pepper and Bottle.

It's just about time to get this frame out again....Christmas will be here before you know it!
Take time to play!  It's SOUL FOOD!


  1. These frames are awesome. They are so different from each other yet both fabulous! I signed up to follow so I don't miss anything here.

  2. Aww...thanks Kathy! I consider that a very high compliment coming from someone as creative as you are!


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