Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Our second stop on our Asian adventure took us to Hong Kong.  The population of Hong Kong was estimated at 7 million.  We stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel over looking Victoria Harbor.  Our view was incredible! 
 You have to imagine these four scenes as a panoramic shot...that is what we looked out over every night! 8pm every night, there was a musical laser show that lasted about 15 minutes.  Lasers shot across the skies and a lot of the buildings were all decked out in lights that moved and changed colors and kept time with the music.  It was something to behold!
 This boat floated by our hotel several times a day.  I loved it so I took this picture.  At night, it was all lit up and had a real ghost like appearance as the red sails fluttered in the wind.
 One of the main streets in the Kowloon side of Hong Kong (where our hotel was) is called "Nathan Street".  This street goes on for miles and off of it, you will find "The Night Market", "The Ladies Market"-famous for knock off designer clothes and accessories, "The Goldfish Market", "The Bird Market" and much more.  This is a view up Nathan Street.  You can find everything from Gucci to open air markets on this street.  Remember when I said that there are approximately 7 million people in Hong Kong?  I think ALL of them were on Nathan Street the day I went shopping!  ~smile~
Here is what Hong Kong Dollars looks like.  I thought it was pretty ... so of course I did the tourist thing and had to keep a few of the denominations as well as the coin money.  Don't get excited!!  Their money doesn't equal ours.  I think this was about $400 US dollars that I cashed in.
We found out that there was a Disneyland in Hong Kong.  So, after my husband finished his business calls, guess where we headed .......
You guessed it.......DISNEYLAND!!!  After all, it's all about the mouse!
 Mickey Surfing Fountain right outside the entrance into Disneyland.
Main Street Disneyland ~ just like home!
Cinderella's Castle.  It looks much different than the ones in the US and it is smaller.

I snapped more pictures but you get the idea...  My grandsons were so thrilled that I am buddies with Mickey, Buzz and Woody!
What is Disneyland without the Disneyland Railroad?  Of course we took a ride!
Here is a map of Disneyland Hong Kong.  It is a much smaller park than Disneyland or Disney World in the United States.  There was no Frontierland.  I guess that should not be surprising though because history in Hong Kong is much different than history in the United States!  There was no Haunted Mansion either...Bummer!

We still found Disneyland Hong Kong to live up to Disney's saying "The Happiest Place on Earth" and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

Tomorrow ... Beijing!


  1. Victoria Harbor looks stunning, what a view, breathtaking. Cannot imagine so many people, thats a HUGE population and an interesting fact that I was not aware of. My children would have loved Woody, Micky and Buzz too especially my 10 year old daughter. Thanks for the insight Candy. Tracy x

  2. Hey there my amazing teamie, my goodness I just love the picci's and the few you have had every day and evening wowwwwzersss absolutely fabulous, but also I am very glad that your back safe and sound back in your own home sweetie so we can enjoy your fabulous creations again....wohooooo....Hugs Terryxxxx

  3. Oh wow what a wonderful view and the laser display must have been brilliant to behold. Loving that great boat also. Thank you for sharing. xx

  4. WOW AGAIN!!! That view from your hotel... it is breathtaking in the pics so I can only imagine it is even more beautiful in the real XX


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