Friday, August 20, 2010


This vintagey, edgey Halloween book has ghosts and goblins and a spooky old witch that is full of surprises! She actually becomes a 3D display!

Even "The Raven" stops by for a spooky visit!

The book is 8 pages of fun filled Halloween nostalgia, pull outs and some pretty cool techniques! But, it's not just another book! It can set upright and opened out so that all sides can be seen at the same time! Definitely a wonderful Halloween decoration...and you made it yourself!

Here are a few "sneak peeks"


  1. Candy, I cannot wait to take this class. It is going to be so much fun! I am glad you brought it with you to the August crop so we could see it. There is so much detail that a photo doesn't show.

  2. Shirley~
    Hey there! I can't wait to teach it! I've already added a couple of things to it! haha We have such a fun group signed up! It will be such a pleasure for me to teach such creative, special ladies!!


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