Thursday, August 19, 2010

It has been a while since I've posted but that doesn't mean that I haven't been busy! I completed a new studio in my home in July of 2009 and I have really given it a work out!
I LOVE my studio!
A lot of people have asked me to post some of my work. So today, I am doing that. I love art in all forms but my favorite style is undoubtedly the vintage, heirloom and nostalgic.
In my opinion, the absolute "Guru" of this style is the incredibly talented artistic designer and product developer, Tim Holtz. Check out his website and blog at
One of the top things on my "bucket list" is to have the amazing opportunity to meet and be taught by Tim someday. Those wonderfully creative people who have attended Ranger U and have been selected to be on his design team are living my dream. :)
Not everything I do is nostalgic, heirloom or vintage but when it is, I draw from my wonderfully simple "Normal Rockwellish" childhood. I love to revisit the sights, smells, sounds and memories of events and people living and passed on that fill my mind and heart.
We've all gone to flea markets and see something that instantly conjures up a memory of something familiar....and it makes us smile. I love it when someone picks up a piece that I have created and starts talking about their family or their memories. To me, THAT is what vintage, heirloom and nostalgic art is truly about.
I also love altered art and the edgey grunge look. That is so much fun to explore.
So, as you spend a bit of your day looking at my creations, I hope it brings a smile and inspires you in some way. Have a wonderful day and take time to PLAY and CREATE!! It's "soul" food!

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