Thursday, August 19, 2010

These "Family Blocks" are one of my most favorite things I have done. The first block begins with my husband's and my grandparents and great grandparents. The "F" block is devoted to my parents. The "A" block is all about my husband's parents. The "M" block is my husband's and my block. The "I" block is our son and his wife's block. The "L" block is our daughter and her husband's block. The "Y" block is devoted to our grandchildren. Each block is full of pull outs, fold outs, pocket and all sorts of surprise elements for adding several pictures on every side. I have adorned the blocks with vintage laces, little "attic flowers" I have made from old laces, organza, pearls, netting, etc. There are old buttons and lots of metal elements on the blocks as well. Tim Holtz' Ideaology line is full of little negative film strip, wonderful little knobs, metal corners, and all sorts of other little metal embellishments that are perfect for pieces like this. The FAMILY letters on the front of each block are chipboard but brushed with Magic Metallics to make them look metallic and also aged. The blocks are a labor of love and definitely do what I hoped that would do. When people see them, they have to pick them up and study them. They explore all the pull outs and pockets ... and again, it sparks stories about their families. LOVE it!! Pictured are some of the sides of the blocks...but it is had to capture all the little special touches given to each side. They are really meant to be picked up and explored.


  1. Wow This is Fabulous! Love your Blog !I'm so inspired but your art and perspective of things.

  2. Thank you so much for the post! These are some of my most favorite things I've made! LOVE the nostalgic/heritage things...especially when it's your real family pictures!!! :)


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