Thursday, February 3, 2011


For those of you who were not able to attend CHA this past weekend in LA, I am posting a few more pictures. I've had lots of people emailing and asking to see more...
This beautiful vintage tray was at the Advantus booth, where all of Tim Holtz' inspiring Ideaology line was on display.  This piece has got to be a Tammy Tutterow creation.  I recognize her classic style.  I also love this because for those who think of Tim's products as always having to
reflect his "grunge" style; you can see that it can clearly cross over to a much softer, lighter application.  Pictured below was another vintage tray in the Advantus booth.  Same product, different configuration of the compartments but totally different look.  I love them BOTH!
LOVE how you can configure the compartments in so many different ways to accommodate the "treasures" you've accumulated to put inside them.
A very Wendy Vecchi-ish piece also in the Advantus booth.  I really liked the originality of this piece.  Very cool.
Here is another Wendy Vecchi-ish piece.  I love houses and clocks so naturally, this unique piece at the Advantus booth caught my eye.

From 7 Gypsies...I LOVED this little vintage ticket holder.  They had several of these sitting around their booth with all sorts of whatnots and knick knacks in them.  I think these are about as cool as they can be.  Big enough to hold a lot of stuff but small enough that they can be tucked into lots of smaller places on shelves or counter areas without taking up a lot of space. 
And one more thing I will share today...a really pretty piece that caught my eye at the Kaiser Craft booth.  This beautiful tree was adorned in Kaiser's beautiful flowers and little die cut frame. I thought this was an interesting way to display a "Family Tree".

CHA may be over now, but it really got my creative juices flowing! There were so many wonderful products previewed this year. So many amazing displays to represent each of the product lines. So many talented artists who freely shared all of their wonderful creativity. So, while CHA may be over...the FUN is just beginning!!  Check out your stores for the new product lines!  You will be pleasantly surprised at how wonderful they are!  Remember to take time to play, it's SOUL FOOD!


  1. Glad CHA gave you so much energy and inspiration! Lovely pics - thanks for sharing them all!

  2. That is Tammy's piece. She did a fantastic job of making a gorgeously romantic piece. She said has many personal memories for her.

  3. Susan, you are so welcome! If you couldn't go to CHA, I'll bring CHA to you! haha

  4. I figured it was Tammy's piece. She, like you, has a definite style. I thought it was a beautiful tray and, as I said, I love the way that one bassic piece can look so different, depending on how it's configured and embellished.


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