Sunday, October 27, 2013


BOO!  Can you believe it?  Halloween is only THREE DAYS away!  This year is flying by!

Speaking of flying ... here is my this week's creation for our "Anything Goes" theme at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge ...

I made my first little vintage plane for Christmas in March with my crafting buddies.  It was so much fun to make that I decided I needed one for all of the holidays that I love to decorate for.  This vintage Halloween plane was even more fun to create than the Christmas one! I got more creative with the embellishments and characters.

Here is what you will need to create this vintage plane:
  • One 2" x 3" compartment from a Tim Holtz Configurations Box
  • One 1 1/2" x 3" compartment from a Tim Holtz Configurations Box
  • Four "wings" cut from Chipboard using Tim Holtz' rounded house from his Artful Dwellings die cut
  • Chipboard or Grungeboard Circles - Two 1" circles and Two 1 3/4" circle-one of those to be cut in half and will be used to create the two back flaps of the plane
  • Painted (with Pitch) Bamboo Skewer cut into eight 1" sections
  • Steampunk Spells 6" x 6" and 8" x 8" Paper Pads  
  • Two 1 3/4" x 3/4" pieces of chipboard to be used as wing supports 
  • Paper pieces - Two 2 3/4" x 1 3/8" panels for the front compartment; One 1 3/4" x 1 1/2" for the front panel of the front compartment; Two 1 1/2" x 2 3/4" panels for the sides of the back compartment, One 1 1/2" x 1 1/4" panel for the back of the back panel (or use one of the 1 1/2" x 2" images that resemble playing cards from the 8" x 8" paper pad; One 1" circle to cover the chipboard circle for the front of the plane; Three 1" circles to cover the back wheel and the front circle for the front of the plane; Four of two sets of papers to cover the wings (top and bottom-both sides); Two 1 3/4" x 1 1/2" pieces that match the sides of the front compartment - score 1/4" on both long sides of the paper (used on the wing supports)
  • Four of the images that resemble playing cards from the 8" x 8" paper pad used as decorations on the wings of the plane; One little 1 3/4" x 1/2" paper to cover the hole in the front "windshield" Ideaology Label Pull, Manila Cardstock scrap for the Tattered Banner, the Boo banner and the Witch Hazel label on the bottle
  • Ideaology pieces - Round Faucet Knob for the front of the plane and a square one for the steering wheel; long Game Spinner, Hitch Post, three Gears for the front of the plane and one on either side of the rear wheel; Two Pulley Wheels; Halloween Adornments - the bat for the front of the plane and the skull and crossbones for the rear of the plane; Clock Key, Three round File Tabs for supporting the back flaps and bottom wheel; Label Pull as a windshield 
  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun
  • Sanding Block
  • Sepia Black Cats Eye Ink Pad to distress edges of the paper (or some other black ink)
 ~ Let's Get Started Putting It All Together ~

Before you begin, here is something to remember throughout the construction of the plane...always ink the edges of the papers with a black ink to give them a more vintage look.  When applying papers to chipboard, all edges will first be sanded with a sanding block and then distressed.

1.  Paint the Configurations Box compartments with Pitch Paint Dabber.  I needed to use a regular paint brush to paint the interiors of the compartments. 

2.  Cover all of the exteriors of the compartments, circles and wings with patterned cardstock. 

In this photo, you can all of the pieces needed for the front of the plane.  You can also see the progression of the construction of the wings, starting from just the chipboard and painted edges to covering both sides with paper and sanding the edges to inking the edges and adding the holes for the bamboo skewers.
3.  Creating the wings - Measure 1/4" in from the side and 1/2" down from the straight edge of the chipboard covered wing and punch a hole using the larger hole in a CropADile.  Repeat this for the other side of the wing.  Next, measure in 1/4" from the side and 2 1/4" from the straight edge of the chipboard wing. Punch another hole and repeat for the other side.  Use this wing as a pattern to mark and punch the holes for the other wings.  (If you are adding the playing card type images to the wings, do that now to the wings that will be underneath and punch the holes through them as well.  DO NOT add the playing card images to the top wings yet.)


4.  Find the two small chipboard rectangles and the two pieces of patterned cardstock that will be used as wing supports. Apply 1/4" Scor Tape to the bottom and the two scored sides of the patterned pieces of cardstock. Place the cardstock on top of the chipboard piece, leaving the two scored pieces of paper.  Distress the edges. Then place the chipboard just inside of the rear of the first compartment and glue in place.  (You may want to measure where you are placing this piece so that they will match on both sides of the plane).

5.  Add the bottom wing by joining the scored piece of cardstock to the top of the chipboard covered wing.  Also add a bead of Glossy Accents to the chipboard wing connecting to the base of the plane for added support.  Now add the top wing by placing it on top of the chipboard support and gluing the scored piece of cardstock to the underside of the wing.

6.  This next part is a bit tricky but not hard.  It just takes a little patience to let the Glossy Accents dry for a minute.  Add a little Glossy Accents to the bottom four 1" pieces of painted bamboo skewer.  Place them in the bottom holes of the wing.  Now put some Glossy Accents on the top of the skewers and slide them up into the holes of the wing above.  Hold the wings with the skewers in place between them until they are semi set.  (This only takes a minute or so).  Then add a touch of Glossy Accents around the top of the skewers as added strength.  When that is dry, add the playing card type images to the wing tops and glue into place.  (This will also help hide the bamboo skewer tops if you don't want them visible).

This photo shows the wing connected to the side of the plane using the chipboard/cardstock support and then gluing the skewers in place.

Photo of the wing assemblage. Repeat for the other side.

7.  Find the one 1 3/4" circle that was cut in half.  This will become the back flaps for the plane.  They should already be covered with paper, edges sanded and distressed.  Find an Ideaology File Tab and bend it at a 90 degree angle, adhesive side to the outside.  Use Glossy Accents to add extra glue to the top of the File Tab and glue it to the center of the underside of the back flap.  Measure down 1/4" from the top of the back compartment and come in slightly from the back side edge of the compartment.  Add Glossy Accents to the bottom circle of the File Tab and a little to the straight edge of the chipboard back flap.  Glue in place.  Repeat for the other side.

8.  Poke a hole in the center of the back compartment and work it until it is big enough to slide the screw of the Clock Key through it.  Add a touch of Glossy Accents to the top of the screw and screw the Clock Key in place.  The back is now ready to be glued to the front compartment.  

9.  You can glue the two compartments together now or wait until you complete the front compartment; that is totally up to you.  

10.  Glue the large circle onto the front of the plane.  Next add the round Faucet Knob to the center of the circle using a hot glue gun. 
** NOTE - add hot glue to the center of the chipboard circle and then place the Faucet Knob in place.  Don't add glue to the metal pieces first because the hot glue hardens so quickly.  It is always better to put the hot glue on anything other than metal when gluing metal to something).

11.  Put Glossy Accents on the underside of an Ideaology gear and glue in place on to of the chipboard circle that should already be covered in patterned cardstock and distressed). Hot glue the 1" chipboard circle to the center of the Faucet Knob.  

12.  Glossy Accents a Hitch Fastener on top of a large Game Spinner and let dry.  When dry, glue on top of the gear using Glossy Accents.  

13.  Slightly bend the two sides of the Label Pull and glue using Glossy Accents to the front top of the front compartment.  Add a strip of cardstock to cover the hole in the Label Pull using Glossy Accents.  

14.  Hot glue the front of the compartment and add the Halloween Adornments bat above the Faucet Knob.  

15.  Glue the square Faucet Knob on top of a painted bamboo skewer.  Measure a piece of painted bamboo skewer to the length you want it to be and cut it off.  Angle the bottom of the skewer and hot glue it in place.  You will need to hold the wheel or prop it in place until the hot glue is set.

16.  The back of the plane - You should have either glued a piece of patterned cardstock or one of the playing card images onto the back panel of the back compartment.  The Clock Key is also in place.

17.  To add the skull chains - leave about a 4" piece of chain at the top of the chain and wrap it through the first link once so that the link won't move. Run the wire through the links; however many you want to have.  Slide a small skull (purchased at a craft store) through the wire and curl the remainder of the wire up to secure the skull in place.  

18.  Wrap the front end of the wire around the lower circle of the Clock Key several times to secure it.  I put two flying chains on the bottom Clock Key circle and one on the top Clock Key circle.  Glue the Halloween Adornments Skull and Cross Bones above the Clock Key by adding hot glue to the compartment and then pressing the Skull and Crossbones in place.

Photo of the back of the plane.

19.  Measure and mark the placement for the Pulley Wheels approximately 1 1/4" back from the front edge of the front compartment.  Add hot glue to the compartment bottom and then push each wheel in place.

 The front of the plane with a purchased small black crow hitching a ride.

Here is the plane, ready for take off but WAIT!!!  There aren't any passengers!!

Enter the cast of characters!  All of the characters were made using chenille pipe cleaners for their bodies and various stamps to create their heads.

The pumpkin pilot was stamped using Jet Black Archival Ink on orange cardstock. He is from Artistic Outposts' Halloween Treats retro style stamp set. The sparkly additions are thanks to Black Diamond (hat and face), Paprika (orange dots and hat band) and Platinum Stickles (pipe).

He is holding the large Tattered Banner (that I shortened) cut from Manila Cardstock and distressed with Spiced Marmalade and edged with Black Soot).  It is also covered with Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint and wrapped onto a black bamboo skewer.  The little skull at the top was purchased.  In the final photos, I also added a bit of distressed cheesecloth at the top.

I ended up not using the skeleton; just not enough room, but I still think he's cute and I'm sure he will find a place somewhere.  His head is from Tim Holtz' Mini Halloween 3.  He also picked up a little hitch hiker black crow.

The witch is from Tim Holtz' Mini Halloween 2.  She is stamped onto Specialty Stamping Paper and colored using a Detailer Water Brush and Distress Inks:  Peeled Paint for the face, Mowed Lawn for they eyes, Tattered Rose for the cheeks and tongue, Scattered Straw for the the eyes and tooth and Spiced Marmalade and Rusty Hinge for the hat.  There is a Platinum Stickles star in the center of her hat.

And my favorite....the black cat.  He is from Artistic Outposts' Halloween Treats and is stamped on Specialty Stamping Paper.  I brushed his face with Spiced Marmalade and Rusty Hinge Distress Inks.  I added Paprika Stickles to his hat band. "TRICK OR TREAT" is from Tim Holtz' Halloween Shadows and cut onto orange cardstock.  I randomly stamped the text from Mini Halloween 3 onto the letters.  After I hot glued the letters on the black cat's hands, I edged the letters with Black Diamond Stickles.

After the characters were finished, I decided to add a bottle of Witch Hazel and some other little purchased sparkly pumpkins.  The Bottle is 7 Gypies amber colored bottle and the distressed label is from Tim Holtz' Mini Halloween 2.  The label is stamped on Manila cardstock with Jet Black Archival Ink, distressed with Spiced Marmalade and Rusty Hinge and edged with Black Soot.

And finally ... a very distressed and hopefully spooky looking "BOO" banner. Fashioned on natural colored Sticky Back Canvas, the banner is distressed with Spiced Marmalade and Ripe Persimmon.  It is edged with Black Soot.  I added some cheesecloth over the top of it and spot glued it in place with some clear drying glue.  I used Emboss It ink and Black Embossing Powder to stamp "BOO" to both sides of the banner.  I then added Black Diamond Stickles to the front of the banner. 

I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial and it has inspired you to create something really fun for our "Anything Goes" challenge.  Then post it to our challenge.  You could be the winner of our random weekly drawing of a
 $50.00 credit voucher.  If your project is deemed on of our best by the design team, you will receive special recognition in our highly prized 

This is a really wonderful way to pay homage to those extraordinary creations that inspire us and hopefully you, too!

So, good luck and let's see what you can come up with!

And while you're checking out Simon Says Stamp, click on the link below to magically transported to our sister blog for more inspiration and creativity!

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