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Hello everyone!  Welcome to my blog.

It's another Monday and we are creeping closer and closer to Christmas!  

I hope that you won't get tired of seeing each of my challenge pieces this month done in Christmas motif.  After all, it IS my favorite holiday and I absolutely LOVE creating Christmas pieces.

The challenge at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge this week is to do something with tissue.

I went outside of my comfort zone a little bit and dug out my Melt Pot.  I used something very similar to tissue; a 3 ply paper napkin (with all but the thin top piece of paper removed) to create a vintage Christmas frame.

This was so much fun to do and very easy.  You just need a wooden frame, a Melt Pot, some Natural Beeswax, a heat stylus, a craft brush, your choice of tissue or napkin and you can make the basic frame!

It is very important to remember that when you are working with beeswax, it is a HOT wax!  Anything you use will then be dedicated only to beeswax use.  You cannot remove Beeswax from a Melt Pot or a brush.  So, an extra Project Tray for your Melt Pot is the perfect solution! This way, when you work with your Beeswax by melting it and then allowing it to cool, you can simply remove and add the Project Pan , leaving your Melt Pot clean and ready to use for some other project.  It is also good to have an inexpensive craft brush that you can simply leave in your melt pot when you are allowing the Beeswax to cool.  Then, when you insert your Project Pan into the Melt Pot and heat the Beeswax, the wax on the craft brush will also melt and become very flexible again.  Also, if you purchase a heat stylus or a small quilt iron and use it on your Beeswax project, then that stylus or iron can only be used for wax projects. 

Having said all of that, here are the easy instructions for creating your own basic frame:

1.  Begin by placing some type of protective covering on your work space.  I used the glossy side of freezer paper.  I DO NOT use my Non Stick Craft Sheet on this because I would not be able to use it for anything else once Beeswax got on it.  But, you could have a Non Stick Craft Sheet dedicated to Beeswax use.

2.  Brush a couple of light coats (using an inexpensive craft brush) of Beeswax over the entire surface of your wooden frame.  Try not to get it too thick and clumpy; just nice smooth brush strokes.  If you do happen to get it too thick, you can use a heat tool to melt the wax and manipulate it with the craft brush.
3.  Lay your tissue or single ply paper napkin on top of your frame.
4.  Using a heat stylus or small quilt iron, press it over the top of the paper.  The paper will begin to take on a liquid appearance as the Beeswax melts underneath, fusing the paper to the wooden frame.  Continue working the stylus over the entire frame.

Cut an "X" in the paper in the center of the frame and continue to work with the heat stylus to cover the wooden frame.

**NOTE - I like to start in the center of a side of the frame and work the stylus toward an outside edge, rolling the stylus over the edge.  If you need to add pieces of tissue to completely cover the back of the frame, simply add a little piece of paper and fuse it to the frame with the stylus.  

5.  Once the frame is complete, you can add Perfect Pearls Powders to the frame to give it a subtle shimmer.  I did not add them on the frame; but this would be the time to do that.  I did add a little Gold Paint Dabber to the interior edge of the center of the frame and I added a touch of Gold Paint with my finger along the outside edge.  The basic frame is complete!

To embellish this frame, I die cut a Tattered Poinsettia and holly (from Holly Branch) from Tim Holtz' Seasonal Paper Stash sheet music paper.  I inked the poinsettia petals with Fired Brick Distress Ink and the leaves with Peeled Paint.  

After a little heat setting, I brushed Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint over all of the petals and leaves and let it dry.  

I added gold highlights to the poinsettia petals by dabbing some gold paint onto my Non Stick Craft Sheet and then using my finger to line the edges of the petals.  Next, I lightly swiped a little paint onto the leaves.  

Finally, I outlined all of the petals with Mercury Glass Stickles.  The holly leaves were next.  I simply added Mercury Glass Stickles to the edges and drew little vine lines to the interior of the leaves.  Then I set them all aside to dry.
Once the poinsettia and holly leaves were dry, I arranged them on the frame and hot glued them in place.  I created a small bow out of my newly made ribbon and added a small curly piece across the bottom of the frame.  But it was still lacking something.
Ah ha!  What is a vintage Christmas piece without shiny balls and little bells?  I remember them being everywhere when I was a child.  My grandfather had a little bundle of bells that he hid in his pocket.  He would shake them and tell me Santa Claus must be close by.  My mother always wore a little corsage made out of metallic leaves, little glass ornament balls and little bells.  Isn't it funny how something as simple as a little bell can invoke such wonderful memories?  

So, I remembered finding some little vintage bells as a flea market a while ago.  I pulled three of them out and transformed them with Tarnished Brass Distress Paint. 

 I added a little jingle bell "clapper" to each on by wiring it to dangle and make a jingle noise.  Then I added some Mercury Glass Stickles to the interior and exterior edges.  Once dry, I hot glued the wire tops into place among the holly leaves, poinsettia petals and ribbon.  This arrangement reminds me so much of those festive little corsages I was telling you about earlier.

I found some really pretty gold ribbon but it sort of "died" against the frame so I added a thinner strip of traditional red and green shiny Christmas ribbon to it by using 1/8" Scor Tape down the center of the gold ribbon and adding the red and green ribbon.  NOW I LOVED THE RIBBON!  Perfect for my frame!

I added a 4 x 6 illustration of Santa that I found online and my vintage frame is complete.  Now it's YOUR turn to create something with tissue and enter our challenge. You could be the winner of our most generous sponsor's $50.00 credit voucher to Simon Says Stamp.
If your entry is extra special, you might be showcased in our ....
Such a wonderful way to share your creation with our followers!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and I hope that my vintage Christmas frame has given you some special inspiration!

Here are all of the products available at Simon Says Stamp that were used to create my vintage frame:


  1. this is so amazing - I am really motivated to get that beeswax out now!!

  2. A wonderful vintaged frame Candy, I love that you have used the beeswax which has created a fabulous luminosity to the napkin and the poinsettia and holly corner looks amazing.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  3. Wow! This is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing all your steps along the way. It's hard to believe that this started as a wooden frame, napkin, paper, and plastic bells. What a fabulous piece!

  4. This is fabulous! Great tutorial too :)

  5. Wow, Candy, what a fabulous frame. I love the way you added the paper napkin to create the design on the frame. Beautiful piece of work and thanks for sharing your step by step!


  6. Stunning Candy, I absolutely love what you did here!! I love working with napkins, so this is great inspiration!! I really hope to have more time after Christmas to play in some of the SSSS challenges again....

  7. Oh my Candy! What a gorgeous project! Love how you covered the frame and those Poinsettias are stunning! The little bells add a nice touch and I love the story behind them! Happy Holidays!

  8. The mention of your mother's holiday pin evoked so many childhood memories. And I love the idea of bells in a pocket! Love your Christmas piece...makes me wish I was decorating for the holidays!

  9. Beautiful altered frame Candy! I have beeswax at home, but haven't used it yet. Thank you for the great tips! The flowers and vintage bells and everything else makes for such a special project.

  10. Love your christmassy altered frame Candy and its a great tutorial. Annette x

  11. This is such a wonderful frame! Candy. I really adore the gorgeous colors and those cute embellishments you added on the frame. This is the most gorgeous home decor and holiday gift! :)

  12. Another amazing creation Candy. I've been hesitant to try beeswax, but you make it look pretty dang attractive and easy. I appreciate the notes about how to work with it - dedicated supplies. It's that kind of information that is oh so helpful. Thanks so much for the continuing inspiration!!

  13. Candy, what a beautiful decorated frame! What a great idea to use beeswax with tissue paper! Love the way you've embellished it! It's so gorgeous! Hugs, Sandra

  14. Super festive & sweet frame, Candy! I'm diggin' the traditional Christmas palette too :)

    Simon Says Stamp!

  15. Gorgeous! Who would have thought that a napkin could turn into such a beautiful holiday decoration! The embellies with the poinsettias and little bells remind me of my Grandmothers house. Beautiful Christmas decoration!

  16. p love this Candy! I have altered lots of wooden frames with beeswax and napkins, but never finished any off the way you did here. I just added a photo. Love this with all the detailed holiday trimmings!

  17. You would never know that it was a napkin covering the frame. I am loving Beeswax too at the moment, it makes pieces so tactile. I love your little bells and the memories they bring back, again transformed beautifully with a touch of colour. Love the cluster of embellishments in the corner. Stunning. Tracy x

  18. What a gorgeous vintage Christmas make... I'm very excited to start playing with my first beeswax soon (though with little tin trays not a Melt Pot!)... I just love the effect you've created here with it. Fabulous!
    Alison xx

  19. Your frame is just gorgeous Candy, I love how you used the beeswax (really must get mine out and try the napkin technique) and thank you so much for the great tips and as ever, for your fantastic tutorial. I do love the frame but the 'corsage' you created is just so beautiful, adding the red and green ribbon to the gold ribbon was such a clever idea, it matches so perfectly. Off now to watch Hels live on TV using......the melt pot! Hugs, Anne x

  20. Once again you've created a clever, well designed and gorgeous piece Candy. The beeswax frame looks super and your attention to detail makes the seasonal bouquet an absolute treat. Jenny x

  21. Oh, my. So gorgeous. It looks almost like a porcelain frame...and a vintage porcelain frame at that! I love all the details in your gorgeous corsage...and the story about your Grandpa and the very special. I could look at your glorious Christmas creations all year long. Again, your attention to detail makes this a very special piece! xoxo

  22. Oh Candy you are truly a girl after my heart! My first love is vintage and your project is gorgeous- I just love everything about it!

  23. CAndy I love the vintage spirit that you put in your work ! I love your way to create and also this time, your frame hit my eyes! A gorgeous work for Christmas!

  24. This is such a pretty project. The bells and flowers are gorgeous. You've really captured the vintage feeling. It's beautiful!

  25. Dear Candy,
    I needed a pick me up and I blog hopped to the right place. This is an excellent post. So informative bright and Cheery. MERRY CHRISTMAS !

  26. Love your frame project Candy. So perfect for Christmas pictures. I have never used the bees wax but you have inspired me. I'm not doing any crafting, just recuperating from my knee replacement. Hope to be back at it some time in January. Sure wanted to take your class.


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