Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Hi all!

It's a beautiful autumn day and I am getting ready to go outside and soak up some sunshine.  But, before I did that, I wanted to share something with all of you ...

it really feels like a community of artists who love Tim Holtz; his book, his products, his techniques and just the person that he is.  I feel so blessed to have been asked by Linda Ledbetter be a part of this journey she started with the Grungy Monday challenge blog that has morphed over the years into the Compendium challenges. 

As a member of the Curiosity Crew, we really take that commitment seriously.  We hope that through our individual "takes" on each project and our posts that we educate, inspire and share our fun in creating with Tim's techniques and products. It's all about the fun and the learning and sharing. 

The Curiosity Crew is amazed and thrilled with the entries that we have each challenge.  Your creations are really beautiful art.  It's fascinating to see all of the different styles and interpretations and it's FUN to read all of the creative processes that everyone goes through to finally get that last little whatever it is done so that you can get your entry linked up.

Our current challenge is Worn Covers. I absolutely love the entries we are getting, including  each person's writeups. A perfect example of this is Vic.  I was just reading her blog this morning and she says that she was dreading this challenge.  But, when she finished, it is one of her favorite things she's ever made.  And Vic has made some beautiful stuff!  I had to laugh because I have felt the exact way sometimes about upcoming challenge projects.  But the feeling of satisfaction you get when you "tackle the beast" and come out with a favorite is amazing!  Beating that fear factor is the BEST!!

You guys have NO IDEA how tough it is to pick winners for our challenges.  The Curiosity Crew has had this discussion many times.  And many times there are so many deserving, wonderful creations that it's nearly impossible. Our current challenge is a great example of this...all so diverse but beautiful examples of how to take Tim's Worn Covers and turn them into something amazing!  You guys make it tough on us but you cannot imagine the gratitude we feel for your participation and also for the letting us know that you are having FUN and you're learning about techniques and how products work.  This is knowledge you will carry with you long after we finish the final Compendium III challenge.

In saying that, here is one more think I would love to share with you.  These are some thoughts from another talented artist from our Compendium Community, ReaThese are HER words ...

 "At every challenge they (The Curiosity Crew) just seem to take us to another level. I love that the Curiosity Crew shares their work... it not only inspires us but you get to see a diversity of the use of Tim Holtz product. I like that not only are we going through his book A Compendium of Curiosities III ( you can still get one by the way ) and learning techniques and use of product; we get to see other Designers use the techniques and product as well. That's exciting  to me. It's also exciting that  the Curiosity Crew has a  Curiosity Choice Award; they actually check out our work... I don't know about you but that's pretty exciting to me... to have Designers SEE MY WORK !"

Thank you Rea for your comments!  You "get it".  You get what we are all about and YES...we DO see everyone's work and we revel in it!  

So, if you've not joined yet us over at the Compendium of Curiosity Challenges, I invite you to check us out and come see what all of the fun is all about.  For those of you who are joining us, THANK YOU for your continued inspiring comments and your participation!

Okay....I'm off to go outside, soak up some sun and get some inspiration for my next project for Compendium of Curiosities.  Hmmm....wonder what THAT will be??? 


  1. I love playing along. I'll make it easy for you...pick my worn cover! There, easy peasy! Enjoy your sun and thank you for all your inspiration.

  2. What a lovely post, it is people like you and the others on the Curiosity Crew that inspire us all, every fortnight! I would not want to be making those decisions either!

    I love Rea's words and she is always so enthusiastic about joining in. I made a mess of my entry this time but then remembered Tim's famous words - embrace imperfection and so I will be pressing the 'send' button very soon. Thank you to you and the team for your always inspiring creations. Hugs, Anne xx

  3. I'm so happy you posted this Candy. This is my first time (2014) to play along with this challenge and I can't remember how I found out about it but boy am I glad I did. All of you (CC) have truly inspired and encouraged me. I'm profoundly thankful for that and it has been so rewarding to participate in each challenge. Due to time constraints I've had to let some other things go but I am totally committed to CC3C. It seems to bring out the best in folks! I love the stories that are shared, the sweet memories preserved and the goodwill of everyone participating has been a blessing to me. A big thank you to the CC for sharing your talent, comments and time with all of us!!! xx

  4. What a fabulous post Candy. Entering challenges has really been great for me as it has pushed me to try different things. I am so grateful to all who run challenges and all the work that is involved....including choosing a winner. I am also grateful for having met some AMAZING artists such as yourself. I now live by Tims words......Embace Imperfection! Because of that I am enjoying creating much more. I love reading everyone's post especially when they add a story to the piece. It's a wonderful creative world to be part of. Karen.x

  5. Great post Candy, and so heartfelt and so true!

  6. I'm so glad you wrote this post, Candy. From the heart, and straight on true!

  7. Well said, my friend!! Thanks for sharing your heart and the heart of all of us on the Curiosity Crew. Right on, sister!!

  8. Thanks candy! Your work is suburb but you also have a great heart! The curiosity crew always throws down a great challenge but we can tell you are excited for us to learn and are pulling for us to create! All the participants know that we are in this creative journey together! Thanks so much!


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