Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I am always fascinated when you can transform a substrate into something it's totally not! 

 For example, turning chipboard ... a paper product ... to mimic a piece of metal.  I also love how you can transform a plain and simple wooden box into what looks like ingrained leather or a carefully carved piece.  The best part, IT'S NOT HARD TO DO with DecoArt Media products!

I have created a two part pictorial tutorial that is being featured on DecoArt Media's Mixed Media Blog.  PART ONE, transforming chipboard into "metal" gears is featured on November 8th.  

Would you believe that these rusty, patina "metal" gears, wheels, bolts and cogs ... 

began as this?

Hop over to DecoArt Media's Mixed Media Blog for the complete tutorial and start playing with your DecoArt Media products!  You won't believe how simple the steps are!

Then ... come back to DecoArt's Mixed Media Blog on Thursday, the 10th for PART TWO of my tutorial that will feature the transformation of a plain wooden box.  

You will learn how to use things you probably already have to create this dimensional, detailed "carved" wooden box and then adorn it with the "metal" gears. 

Christmas is right around the corner and little trinket boxes like this would make wonderful gifts!

I hope you'll join us over at DecoArt's Mixed Media Blog for all of the details!  

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.  If you'd like to leave a comment after seeing the two part tutorial, I'd love to hear from you.  Your thoughts are always important to me.


  1. your piece is gorgeous Candy...I look forward to seeing the tutorial when it goes up. :D TFS

  2. Wow - she's INCREDIBLY LOVELY Candy - even if she is made of 'industrial elements'!! Your chip board transformations are FABULOUS. What a treat to see. SUPER SUPER SUPER. XXj.

  3. I have been saving this post until I had the time to do it justice, I just pinned it and now I am off to see how you did all this magic!! Anne xx

  4. Candy - your box has absolutely blown me away! As always, your tutorials are fabulous and so easy to follow! Cant wait to try these techniques!

  5. Candy - this box has absolutely blown me away! Your tutorials are so amazing and easy to follow. Makes me want to try these techniques!

  6. This is just soooooo A-Ma-Zing!
    Candy, you work those DecoArt products like no other!
    huge hugs xx


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