Monday, June 20, 2011


Simon Says Show "SOME METAL".  Oh boy!!  I LOVE metal!  It makes me think of Tim Holtz.  That alone makes me happy!  But then I think of all of his wonderful products; especially his Ideaology line and all of the METAL in those pieces!

I recently got my Tim Holtz "Artful Dwellings" die cut and saw this as the perfect opportunity to make some metal row houses.  Here is my piece for this week's challenge.

There are lots of Tim Holtz elements and products used on this piece.  I am a HUGE Tim Holtz fan.  I love his Ideaology line because it allows you to really cut loose with your creative thinking and find new ways to use all of the pieces.  I also love to mix metals.  I think it adds a lot of interest and makes things look a bit "hodge podge"...not so perfect and planned out. 

I started with a 6" x 12" stretch canvas.  I sprayed it with Stream and Butterscotch Color Wash Sprays and the spritzed a little water to let the colors run even more.  I wanted to create a splotchy background so I sprayed Color Wash onto a paper towel and dabbed it onto the canvas, creating irregular color splotches and intense colors in areas.  Then I stamped the text background using Versafine Vintage Sepia Permanent Ink and Tim's Papillon Stamp Set.  The two ends are cut out of Ranger's Silver Foil Tape Sheets using Tim's Iron Gate On the Edge die cut.  I then embossed them with Tim's Bricked Texture Fade.  I tapped the shiny silver with Vintage Sepia to dull the shine and it worked perfectly.  

The Artful Dwellings is a great die cut!  It has all four of the shapes for my "row houses" on one die.  I also used the Mini Openings Die Cut Set to create the windows on the houses.  I wanted to add vintage children to this piece; thus the windows.  I cut the houses out of black chipboard followed by the various metal sheets.  The first house was covered with a thin piece of aluminum that I embossed.  I also made a mini butterfly using Tim's Mini Butterflies Die Cut Set. I cut the butterfly using two pieces of thin gold sheet metal (for the front and back of the butterfly) and a piece of cardstock in between.  I embossed the butterfly with Tim's ATC sized Bingo card from the Playing Games Texture Trades Set.  I made sure that "FREE" was centered on the butterfly's body because I intended to "chain" it up.  I attached a Plaquette to this house and then chained the butterfly to the house using a Swivel Clasp.  There are flowers in front of this house.  That was done using Tim's Foliage Ideaology set.  Notice the little face peeking out of the window?
The second of the row houses is the largest in the set.  It was embossed with Tim's Notebook Texture TradeIt looks like siding, doesn't it?  This house was made using thin copper sheet metal.  I then swiped  a Juniper Paint Dabber over it and wiped away the excess to create a patina look.  I added one of Tim's Corners to the roof and the smallest Timepiece to the house.  Behind the timepiece is a larger copper decorative piece I found at Hobby Lobby.  The hands on the clock are from ScrapFX.  Love their die cuts!  There is a little vintage boy standing in the door way that is created from an antique silver Ornate Plate.
The third house is my favorite.  This house was made from a thin gold piece of sheet metal and embossed with a portion of Tim's Patchwork Texture Trade.  I added the silver "4" from Tim's Numerals Ideaology set.  Does the little girl look familiar?  It's Shirley Temple!  She's leaning out of the arched window, folding her arms and waving her magic wand.  A roof line is formed above the window using a pair of the smaller wings from Tim's Regal Adornments Ideaology set.  There is a Fleur De Li (from Tim's Adornments Ideaology set) at the very top of this house.
The fourth and final of the row houses is made from a piece of thin copper sheet metal and embossed with Tim's Checkerboard Texture Fade.  I lightly rubbed over some of the raised area and around the edges of this house with a Pitch Paint Dabber.  The covering over the window is curled back to reveal yet another vintage little girl peeking out of the window.  An antique silver "DREAM" key from the Word Keys Ideaology set lays across this little house.  It is adorned with an antique gold tassle from Tim's Chain Tassles Ideaology set.  A picket fence made out of Idealogy Pen Nibs and silver wire guards this house and key.  The "crowning glory" of this house is the large antique silver crown from Tim's Regal set that sits atop the roof.

I centered the row houses and hot glued them all into place.  Then I added the two iron gate sides and added the large antique gold brad heads to the sides.  Little gold round "stars" are the finishing touch above the houses.  This piece was a lot of fun to make and surprisingly went together pretty quickly.  But then, it's easy when you're working with all of these Tim elements and pieces!  They all just make sense and work together so perfectly!

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  1. I adore this piece. I normally admire Design team pieces on the simon says page before going off to make an attempt but normally forget to come along and comment. but your piece so drew my eye and I fell in love with it I had to come along to your blog and get a proper look. really great piece. love the colours and interest in it.

  2. Candy, I hesitate to say you've outdone yourself, because I am constantly in awe when I look at your projects, but.... I think you may actually have done so. This took my breath away. And that little girl in the third house resting her elbows out the window? Divine!

  3. The is sooo amazing! I love everything about it!

  4. This is just an amazing piece Candy! You really have the metal-working down pat! Gorgeous!

  5. This is totally fantabulous, Candy! So much metalicious stuff to look at and enjoy! LOVE it!

  6. Oh candy! Wow! Totally agree with the other comments, this is a-m-a-z-I-n-g!!!! This is one of my favourites ever, stunning, wonderful and pretty awesome, hugs


  7. So inspiring I am also making a new home card with this die but didn't use metal. It is so versatile. I love the little mini openings too. Maybe next one I will use metal your canvas is out of this world.!

  8. Now is that COOL, or what????


  9. Swooning with desire at this GORGEOUS creation Candy... seriosuly girly you have rocked the metal (pardont the pun lol) big stylee... and I am LOVInG all the elements on this divine bit of lushy-licious eye candy! Thanks for sharing x
    BTW.. LOVE the nibs fence... inspired!! xx

  10. Gorgeous creation, Candy! I love all the shiny!! :) The colors you added to the piece are fun and vibrant!

    Simon Says Stamp

  11. I love this piece but then again I love all your work.
    Thanks again for your thoughtful gift yesterday

  12. I'm stunned and amazed and very jealous !!! What an inspiring piece love all your elements and of course the metal .....mind blowing

    am now a follower what have I been missing.


  13. This is such a fabulous ode to metal and just oozing with amazing creativity, quirky details and imagination. Just love the winged roof and the little girl peeking out of the window. It's a real beauty and labour of love!

  14. Oh my, I've been on your blog for like a half hour trying to read through your post about this project. But I keep getting sidetracked with reading all your amazing details and clicking on the links to learn about products that are new to me. Wow, you just blew me away with this amazing piece of art (do I say that EVERY week?). So many beautiful and well-thought-out details. I can't imagine how long it took you to put all of it together! Another masterpiece by Candy!



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