Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I spent last weekend in creative heaven in what was truly the Land of Ahhhhh's; Shawnee, KS!  I was one of those lucky ones who attended classes at Stampers Ink with The Duke of Distress....Tim Holtz!  Check out his blog for the story.
  There were four classes offered:  Creative Blocks, Patchwork Pandemonium, Ideaology Intrigue and Configurations of Your Imagination.
These are the projects from the four classes plus a couple of "bonus eye candy" that Tim brought along.  I had taken the Creative Blocks and Configurations of Your Imagination classes last October at Absolutely Everything in Topsfield, Massachusetts.

But, I have to say that Patchwork Pandemonium and Ideaology Intrigue have to be two of my favorites!  They were chalk FULL of technique and product! 

Tim advised us before we ever started Patchwork Pandemonium that we probably would not complete it in class...there is just so much technique involved.  He was absolutely right! About 99.9% of the class of 100 people did not finish.  But, we all managed to finish our backgrounds.  I still have some stitching and other things I want to do to the background and then I will finish with all of the embellishing.  But, I DID finish all of my Ideaology Intrigue pieces.
There were six pieces in all.  This is the pocket watch, the ring, a sweet faux porcelain flower pin and a charm bracelet.
This is the necklace and the bird's nest pendant.  Six pieces in all....so unique and amazingly beautiful.  I think my favorites are:
  the pocket watch
and the bird's nest pendant...although I LOVE them all!!

Mario, Joy and Michelle were the ones who kitted up ALL of the product used in these classes and trust me....there was a TON of stuff to kit up.  So, a huge thank you to them!  The hundreds of people who took the classes were the beneficiaries of YOUR hard work.  And a very special "thank you" to Tim.  He is such an artist, visionary, creative mind and incredible teacher.  He continues to inspire me to "embrace the imperfections" and completely ENJOY this creative journey!


  1. Looks like great fun and the pieces you created are wonderful, so much detail. Tracy x

  2. Oh, I am SO very envious!! All of your creations are way cool!!

  3. Oh WOW, I am sooooooo jealous....I would have loved to have been on that course as the things you have made are gorgeous!!! GRRRRRRR, wish I lived in the US at times like this!!! I may need to persuade the hubby to book me some tickets to the US for our next holiday.

  4. Lucky YOU! Those jewelry pieces are fan-friggin-tastic! LOVE them all!!!

  5. You sure had a great time Candy and made some wonderful trinkets. Annette x

  6. Oh,oh,oh, Candy! I so wish I could have been there. When I visit here, it's like visiting a dream! Beautful creations, truly! I love the bird's nest pendant...A LOT! Thanks so much for sharing with us! I just love everything Tim Holtz-amazing talented guy! But you are too!!
    Have a great week my friend.
    <3 Sonya

  7. Great job, girl!!!! And what a fantastic picture of you and "the master". He is amazing!


  8. What amazing projects! I LOVE the birds nest pendant! Tim is such an amazing man, artist, teacher! His classes are just priceless.

  9. cor blimey Candy, looks like you had ana amazing time... am ever so slightly peeled paint lol Thanks for sharing all those heavenly delights with us... can't wait to see the Patchwork piece too x

  10. Oh Candy!!
    Oh My Oh MY Oh MY!! I just love all of your creations........stunning, wonderful and I want them all!! thanks for sharing your adventure it is so fab!


  11. Cool creations! They all look spectacular!


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