Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hello everyone!  

I hope that you're having a wonderful Wednesday and finding some time for YOURSELF to play!

My crazy buddies ~ and I say that with the utmost respect and affection ~ ELLEN and HELS posted a new challenge on their blogs on Monday....

a 30 minute challenge to create a tag.  

That sounded like so much fun and this morning, I found myself with a free 30 minutes.  So, I decided to join their challenge.  I was amazed at how much I could NOT do in 30 minutes!  

The stipulations to their challenge are:

It has to be a size 10 manila tag.  (Good thing because I couldn't have made anything larger in just 30 minutes!) 
*It has to have a painted background.
* It has to be collaged.
* It has to have paint stamping.
* It has to have a Dylusions sentiment.
* It all has to be done in 30 minutes. 


I quickly taped the back of a #10 manila tag with various Tim Holtz Tissue Tapes and a little Recollections Tissue Tape from Michaels.  I cover the tapes with Claudine Hellmuth's Painterly Pink mixed with a little water, followed by dabs of Sky Blue and swipes of Blank Canvas.  I quickly heat set the background and cut away the excess Tissue Tape.  Then I swiped a Gold Paint dabber around the edges of my tag and added some swipes of gold paint (using my finger) across the tag itself.  Then moved on to the stamping.  

I stamped Tim Holtz' dressform from Haberdashery first using a Pitch Paint Dabber to "ink" the stamp.  Next I added "POST CARD" first in gold but it didn't show up all that well.  So, I over stamped it with the black.  Better.

Next, I covered the top portion of the "Generations" stamp from Tim Holtz' Photo Studio stamp set and "inked" the measuring tape portion of that stamp with the Pitch Paint Dabber.  I then randomly stamped the measuring tape on the tag.  

Then I pulled out my Dressmakers stamp set from Darkroom Door and added the little snaps randomly onto the tag. 

Finally, to create something "sassy" to coincide with the Dyan Reaveley sentiment that I chose to use on this tag; from her new Say It How It Is stamp set I again used my Darkroom Door stamp set and strategically stamped the scissors right on top of the bodice of the dressform in Gold Paint Dabber paint.

The sentiment is done with the Pitch Paint Dabber and stamped onto Specialty Stamping Paper, cutout and hurriedly slapped onto the tag!  

BAM!  30 minutes!  DONE!

Not my normal style with a lot more "stuff" on it, but I did make it within the 30 minute time limit....barely!  I actually added just a touch of a black cats eye ink pad around the edges of the tag right after the 30 minutes was up...I couldn't stand it!  haha

And, it's taken me longer to write this blog post than it did to create the tag!  haha

 Now I have a mess to tend to...brushes and stamps thrown into water, waiting to be cleaned!  So, here's to your Wednesday!  I hope it's a good one!  Find some time for yourself today to play...even if it's just for 30 minutes!!!



  1. Amazing!!!Wonderful Piece of art,I LOVE this!!

    Big Huges Jeannette

  2. wow, great "job" in 30 minutes, love it

  3. well done, can just imagine you trying to get this fab tag done in 10 mins.....not even time for a coffee....... xx

  4. Brilliantly done and to create it in 30 minutes, I salute you. I love it.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  5. How amazing to complete all that in 30 mins. Did not notice the scissors until you pointed it out - that was a great idea, love that one. Those little snap fasteners look so real too. Love this tag and well done for doing it all so quickly! Hugs, Anne x

  6. What an achievement in 30 minutes, that's quite a challenge. I love the dress form and then the scissors stamped on top, lovely idea. Great background with tissue and painting over the top with watered down paint. Gorgeos Candy, I too salute you. Tracy x

  7. Ha, ha! Love the sentiment on this, Candy! You certainly achieved more than I would in 30 minutes - I might have managed to shuffle some paper around and maybe choose an image! It's probably taken me more time to comment on your post than it did to do half of your tag! Great job! Lisa x

  8. So much fun to play along with that timed test! And what a treat of a tag... love the sentiment and the delicious gilding!
    Alison x

  9. I cannot imagine making something in 30 minutes, I love the tag, you did a fabulous job! Thank you for stopping by, love the visit! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  10. LOL! Loved reading this, I can just imagine you running around like a mad thing trying to paint and stamp and get everything finished in time! I would be absolutely hopeless at this, I change my mind constantly and end up with piles of half-done things on my desk. Anyway, love your tag and love the sentiment too, congratulations on a well-spent 30 minutes! Maddy x

  11. Amaze dt made this is such a short time,think all I would make in that time would be a mess ! Trace x

  12. Hi Candy,
    Thanks for entering my giveaway and for being a new follower!
    Good luck!

    I like your style and I'm following you now also, and have added a link to my sidebar. I will be back!



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