Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I am writing this blog post with three inches of snow on the ground and light snow flurries flying.  I am saying all of that as I share these photographs of our trip to Florida and the US Virgin Islands last week.  What a difference a week and a few thousand miles make!

We started off in Miami then to Naples, Florida to finish planning an annual meeting for AMCA ... a wonderful International organization that my husband happens to be the President of this year.  After the meetings concluded, we went through Pompano Beach, Florida; where my grandfather lived and is buried.  We found his grave and his old neighborhood and spent some time reminiscing.  He was a wonderful man.

Then my husband dropped me off at one of my favorite flea markets ... Festival Flea Market in Pompano Beach.  It is HUGE!!  I particularly like a small part in the back that is an "antique"/flea market section.  There is one booth in particular that I happened on a couple of years ago on my first visit to this place.  Her booth is so much fun!  I get to dig through container after container full of "junk"...but they are treasures to me and my mixed media art!
Sorry about my picture being sideways.  Not sure how to fix it!  Anyway, I found all sorts of fun metal findings; big heart buttons, metal flower parts, metal discs, old dice, all sorts of small metal buttons, old crystal and glass buttons, earrings drops that I will probably use for drawer pulls, etc.

Here is another picture of MORE metal stuff!!!  More earring drops, bags of all sort of chains, little copper charms, plastic wheels that I think will make some cool "vintage" Christmas ornaments, etc.

 And vintage LACE!!!  I LOVE vintage lace!  It's getting harder and harder to find so when I see some that I really like and it's priced reasonably, I snatch it up!

I was soooo happy with my treasures!  Then, on to Miami airport and a plane ride to paradise...St. Thomas and St. John US Virgin Islands.

 This is the view from our dinner table at Havana Blue in St. Thomas.  The beautiful views, the warm ocean breezes, sound of the surf and dinner with our dear friends from Chicago made the evening absolutely perfect!

The next night, we drove way up on the top of a peak in St. Thomas and had a lovely dinner at Mafolie's.  We watched the Caribbean sunset and enjoyed each other's company over a wonderful fresh seafood dinner.  Here is a picture from our table at Mofalie's at twilight.

 We took a day trip on the ferry over to St. Johns and thoroughly enjoyed the sun, sand and snorkeling at beautiful Trunk Bay.  This photograph does not do justice to the absolutely clearness and gorgeous turquoise and blue colors of the water.  The sand was as fine as flour.  Absolutely beautiful day!

And now...I'm back home where it's cold and snowy.  But, I'm sleeping in my own bed again.  I have my kids and grandkids back and I'm back in my craft room!  Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz was right...."There's No Place Like Home!"


  1. Hi Candy, you had me interested when you showed the beads but I was hooked when I saw those gorgeous vintage lace pieces!

    What a gorgeous place to have a holiday, it looks just like paradise, but I also think that home looks beautiful with the snow too. I do agree there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed... Hugs, Anne x

  2. Thank you for sharing your holiday photos Candy and your fab finds. You are right, there is no place like home.......especially your own bed..... xx

  3. Ahhh, sunshine and warmth. But, that winter picture is just sooo pretty as well. Lots of fun and great finds. That lace is gorgeous.

  4. Wow yo have some wonderul vintage goodies, cannot wait to see what you make.the beaches look amazing! Love the photos and that you managed to visit special places to you as we'll. you are right there is no place like home, but going away is great too.
    Hugs trace x

  5. Stunning pictures Candy the waters look beautiful and brilliant to reminisce. It's true that memories are everything and can never be removed x stunning views from the restaurant. Fantastic crafty purchases at the flea market.....I look forward to viewing your craft makes.

    We have been to Florida several times, mainly staying on the Gulf as otherwise you get caught up with Mickeyland, which is fine but not as relaxing. my son loved it so much it was his dream to celebrate his 21st there, at Universal no less. It was a few years ago but very memorable.

    Thanks for sharing


    Annie x

  6. Wow Candy stunning views from your vacation, so thrilled you had a wonderful break. Your vintage finds are fantastic and I love the lace. Look forward to seeing these in one of your creative pieces soon. Take care my friend. Tracy x

  7. Wow... what a haul! Glorious vintage finds. And oh what a wonderful blue sea - though even that lovely snow is better than the grey dreary days we've got at the moment!! Glad you had a great break.
    Alison x

  8. Hi, Candy! I would love to find some of that vintage lace- looks so yummy! And, your pictures from The USVI are so gorgeous - I lived and worked on St. Thomas for a year and it was definitely like living in paradise. I've been to Mafoulie's many times and also to St. John. Great memories from my stay there.

    Love your "snow" picture, too!

  9. What beautiful pictures of your vacation, and the stunning snow scene back home, Candy! Living in Britain, I know what it's like to have such varying weather only a few hundred miles apart, heck, sometimes there's a big difference between where I live and my Mum's about 20 miles away!! Looks like you had a ball at the flea market and found some wonderful treasures, I look forward to seeing what you do with them!! Lisa x

  10. Oh what gorgeous pictures of a wonderful vacation! Wish I had been with you at that flea market although I think I would have grabbed things off you! Glad you had a great time,

    Lucy x

  11. Thought it was quiet! Wow, what fabulous treasure and what a fabulous view. Not sure which I'd rather have :-) I got a weekend away too

  12. Sounds like a wonderful trip!!! The pictures are beautiful and nice finds at the flea market!!! Isn't it interesting that it's waited until the end of February to get really wintery, lol!!!!

  13. Liebe Candy,
    ich hoffe, es war eine unvergessliche Reise für Sie. Wahre Schätze haben Sie auf dem Flohmarkt gefunden, dazu muss ich gratulieren und bin natürlich auch gespannt, das eine oder andere Stück in Ihren Werken wiederzufinden.
    Liebe Grüße.


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