Friday, January 16, 2015

CHA 2015

I think I sort of have a "craft crush" going on here.

I have been a fan of Andy Skinner's for some time.  I've taken a couple of his amazing online workshops and I was thrilled beyond words when I was able to get into his "Antiquated Appliques" workshop at CHA.

Here is my finished project we did in his workshop.  Out of respect to Andy, I will not divulge what all of the pieces are die cut from and the techniques he taught us in that workshop.  But I WILL tell you that all of the products are from DecoArt's new Media Line.  They are amazing products!

(My own little collage of images showing Andy's new Media Line through DecoArt.) 

Andy also has a line of stencils and stamps that are very different and very much his own distinctive style.  Click on the links to check those out.

One of my Ranger sisters and fellow Curiosity Crew member, Cheryl Grigsby and I took Andy's workshop together.  We had so much fun and learned some really cool techniques. 

I am always fascinated with mixed media art.  Andy's techniques for manipulating acrylic paints into things that look like pitted enamel, bone, old rust and weathered metal, to name a few of his techniques, is just ASTONISHING to me.  It's PAINT for crying out loud!

Here are a few of the samples that Andy had at the DecoArt booth. I wanted to share because it would be a shame to have such gorgeous pieces go unseen unless you were at the show. 

More amazing pieces ...

... and still more. 

I will share more photos from CHA soon.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing my excitement with me.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for sharing these photos of his fantastic artwork.

    I'm a bit jealous that you got to take a class from him in person. I hope he starts teaching in the states!

    I have "craft crushes" on many people, including you and Andy! :D

  2. I have been meaning to find some time to check out his videos. I know Deco Arts stuff but I'm new to a lot of their lines. And I have a bunch of goodies coming from them. Better get watching! Love this and lucky you for being there! One day I want to be your crush ;P

  3. Beautiful piece of Art Candy looking forward to seeing some more later. always up to learning new techiques.

  4. Your pieces of 'Andy' style are simply stunning Candy. I too, love his wonderful grungy, antique looking style and have thoroughly enjoyed his videos from CHA too. I feel so lucky to have received his new media range of products, now I just need to find time to play properly! Thanks so much for sharing yours and Andy's beautiful works of art. Hugs, Anne xx

  5. Thanks for sharing the photos of your and Andy Skinner's fantastic creations. I enlarged the photos to get a better look. Just brilliant!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing Candy, unfortunately, we see more and far too little of this great artist in Germany. Amazing project, love the old rusty style! Hugs, Kerstin

  7. Wow Candy, your project is spectacular! I am brand new to Andy Skinner, but this is just so inspiring, WOW!! You are so lucky to have taken one of his workshops, I'm jealous!! Thanks for sharing the pics of his projects also! until next time, big hugs :)

  8. Gosh no wonder you are smitten with these products! What incredible makes and effects. Whilst I am much more at home with making 'pretty' creations, I really admire the grungy side of crafting too. These are gob-smackingly fabulous!! Nicola x

  9. Holy cow! I love how with a dab of pain you can make paper look crusty and rusty. I will have to check this out for sure. Good person to have a craft crush on!

  10. Stunning make. And so glad you found him this year x

  11. Good thing I'm going shopping today lol, what's a few more items in my buggy. I love your project Candy and that is a great picture of you three. :) So glad you enjoyed CHA! xx

  12. Thanks so much for posting these, Candy! I can't imagine how I could have missed that Andy was teaching at CHA! I will definitely NOT make that mistake again next year!

  13. Fabulous grungy rusty applique, Candy! I've been lucky to do a few all-day workshops with Andy recently, and I agree it's mind-blowing when you see these techniques and the results they create... and yes, seeing all those samples in real life. Great post!
    Alison xx

  14. Wowsers...these are sooooo fabby! I've missed visiting you...been super busy...but wow...I love the wonderful texture on these, Candy!


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