Monday, March 28, 2016


Hello everyone!

I'm back to share some more lovely art being shared over at 

 for this months "Triple Trouble" art adventure.  We're combining 
1.  Corrugated Paper   2.  Lace   3.  Metal 
together to create some art!

I've shared some of our entries already but I'd love to share some more amazing art from some talented artists and members of our Creative Carte Blanche community.

We do not vote or have prizes.  We're not doing this as a contest.  We're all about embracing our own artistic style and discovering our own creative voice; whatever that may be.  So, as I am sharing this art, I am sharing different styles and different "takes" on the same three elements that were to be included in your piece.  

I find it fascinating how everyone's art is so different yet so beautiful and inspiring!  Be sure to click on the links below each person's art to check out their tutorials. 

This first piece is from Jenny Marples.  This is such a lovely piece and a beautiful example of asymmetrical art.  I totally love it and her interpretation of the corrugated paper, lace and metal challenge.

Next is from Mandy Welch.  This is another wonderful example of layering and collage different elements and make them work so perfectly together.  Great job Mandy!

This piece by Sarascloset is so clever.  I love the grungy background combined with the softer, more feminine foreground.  You have got to read the back story on this one!  Can you believe that Sara created this beautiful art out of a little drawer that was part of an old beat up dresser sitting on the side of the road for trash.  Now THAT is repurposing!

Anne Redfern has created this truly beautiful album cover using corrugated paper, metals, laces and a gorgeous crackle effect.  Her techniques for rusting the metal elements and crackling are fabulous. 

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope this art has inspired you to find and embrace your own creative style and share it with us at Creative Carte Blanche.  


  1. Thank you so much for the shout out Candy! There have been some truly inspiring links to this challenge and it's an honour to be lined up alongside the amazing ladies you've highlighted here xx

  2. Jenny's canvas is a stunning piece of art, Mandy's collage is superb and makes me want to create one, Sara's drawer art is such a clever idea, beautifully executed, the window and brickwork are amazing! Thank you for sharing my album too, I feel very honoured! xx

  3. Such incredibly wondrous artwork for this challenge - wow. Everyone has really done it to the RITZ and back. I'm just soooo AWED looking at them. Thanks for sharing to all! j.


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