Wednesday, May 18, 2016


If you were a child of the 60s, then you no doubt grew up to Beatles music.
I loved Paul McCartney and John Lennon and as probably THOUSANDS of other 
starry-eyed young girls, I was convinced that I would someday marry Paul.

Well, that never happened but my love of Beatles' music remained.

I am sharing a new (to me) Andy Skinner splash technique featuring an image transfer of John Lennon on an 8x8 canvas.  You can see this canvas and the complete pictorial tutorial on DecoArt's Mixed Media Blog.

I posted a bit of a teaser on my blog yesterday.  Today I thought I would share my newest splash image transfer canvas; Paul McCartney.

He's a bit different than John but basically the same techniques were used on both.  "Let It Be" are Making Memories rub on letters that I've had forever.  But, I love how they look on this canvas.  I will be hanging John and Paul side by side in my art studio.

For the complete pictorial tutorial on how to do these techniques, hop on over to the DecoArt Mixed Media Blog.  It's a really fun and easy project!


  1. I really loved your John Lennon one but I have to admit to having had a weakness for Paul in those early days too! I remember you saying (I think!) that you wished you had left a little more of the background showing and it looks like you have on this one - it really does look fantastic, love it! Anne xx

  2. This is so much fun! Love the colours and textures :)

  3. Fantastic art and picture of Paul. Love how the technique worked out and yes a child of the 60s and 70s too. What memories and music xxx

  4. So much fun!!! So cool that it's on canvas! You could sell this for a bundle!

  5. Beautiful Candy!! Are you going to do all of the Fab Four? Your canvas's are gorgeous! xx

  6. Me too, I was a child in the 60s! Your canvas is amazing! love so much to see your mixed media works! BArbara

  7. Gorgeous canvas, Candy! Love all the details on this! Beautiful colors and texture - perfect with the image! Awesome!

  8. Hi Candy, thanks for the lovely comment over at mine. Loving your canvas. The techniques worked so well with the subject, reminds me of the psychedelic images that were around then done by artists like Andy Warhol. Have a great week, Angela xXx


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