Thursday, August 19, 2010

I made this "Christmas Memories" book a few years ago for my brother who was battling a rare form of cancer at the time. He was afraid that that Christmas would be his last. My heart was breaking for him. I decided to make a very special book for him beginning with his first Christmas and ending with the most recent Christmases I had pictures of. Fortunately my sweet parents always took and saved lots of pictures. My brother cried when he opened it. As I watched him study the pictures and gently run his fingers over pictures of himself as a small boy on Christmas morning, I cried too. We talked for a long time about our Christmases through the years. He said it was one of the most precious gifts he'd ever received. I am thankful that my brother is still here and doing very well. I love the nostalgic art style because of the memories and conversations it always seems to spark. Here are a few pages from his book.

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  1. What a lovely present , Candy. It is fantastic that your parents took several photos.



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