Thursday, April 28, 2011


It's finally HERE ... the day I get to go to Ranger U!!!
Today is also my birthday ... so I think it's safe to say that THIS is one of the best birthday presents I've ever gotten; thanks to Tim Holtz and the wonderful people at Ranger!

When the list was announced, I immediately started getting emails from people I could never believe were writing to me!!  People who's work I follow and admire so Linda Cain, Tammy Tutterow, Nancy Wethington, Linda Elbourne ... the list goes on....  
They congratulated me and welcomed me to the "Certified Ranger Educator" family.  They told me how I was in for one of the most memorable and amazing experiences of my life!

I am still pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming!  

The list of Ranger U attendees is such an amazing "Who's Who" in the art world.  I a humbled to be among them....and as some of us have jokingly emailed to each other, just waiting for an email from Tim saying ..."Ooops....made a mistake!" haha

I have already made some amazing friendships with such insanely creative people like Hels Sheridan and Linda Ledbetter.  I soooo admire their work....and now I know that they are not only incredibly TALENTED people, they are incredibly GOOD people as well!

I hope that Cheryl Grigsby, another fellow April 2011 Ranger U attendee, doesn't mind my sharing a thought she emailed to all of us.  I about peed my pants when I read it!  But, it soooo appropriately captured the way many of us are feeling!  She said, "I feel like a weinnie in a steakhouse!"  Isn't that hysterical?

Since I won't have a laptop or Ipad2 (haven't evolved to that techno level yet) with me, I probably won't do a lot of Ranger U blogging until I return.  But, rest assured, I WILL be posting about this once in a lifetime experience upon my return!

I can't even BEGIN to tell you how excited I am!  I KNOW the wonderful opportunity that has been given to me and I plan to soak up every single drop of the creative genius in that Ranger U room...the entire time I am there!  And then...I can come back and do what I love to do...teach and share all of this wealth of knowledge with you!  I can't wait to be able to add "Certified Ranger Educator" under my name!

WISH ME LUCK and prayers for safe travel!!!


  1. Happy Birthday, good luck and most of all have fun!

  2. Happy birthday.Enjoy your Ranger U trip. How exciting. Can't wait to hear about it.

  3. Happy birthday, girl! Go forth and prosper!!! You deserve it all.

    Your Friend in ART,


  4. Happy Birthday Candy! Wow, what a wonderful present you're getting! I'm so happy for you! I bet you didn't even sleep last night, did you?!

    Believe me, you're no weenie!lol! You belong there, okay?!

    I can't wait till you get back and share all your wealth of information!
    Blessings and hugs,

  5. Oh wow and its your birthday as well, brilliant. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANDY. Hugs Annette x

  6. Be safe, happy birthday, and have a great time! See you when you get back!

  7. Happy Birthday, have a fantastic time @ RU and stay safe, what with all the terrible weather x

  8. Have a wonderful time, Candy, and I wouldn't worry at all about feeling like the bottom of the totem pole, your work is outstanding, which is why you're there in the first place! YEAH!

  9. Belated happy birthday wishes Candy! Bet you're having an awesome time at RU! Safe journey home!
    Alison xx

  10. Happy birthday Candy I hope you have a smashing time at Ranger....I would just LOVE to be in your shoes!!!GO GAL...


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