Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It's Wednesday again already?!  I have a couple of pictures I want to share with you that were taken yesterday morning; when we enjoyed a brief break from all the rain we've been getting.
I have dogwood trees off of our bedroom and they are just glorious right now.
 And right off of our patio, we have the most gorgeous azalea bushes that are popping out all over.
You can even see the raindrops still resting on this lovely bloom.
Don't you just love Spring?! on to what's on my work desk this morning.  I am actually not going to start any new projects today as I am packing and getting ready for my exciting adventure to RANGER U in the morning!  I can't wait!!!
I went to a flea market this past Saturday and while I didn't hit "the mother load", I did find a few wonderful little treasures and I laid them out on my work desk for you.
I found a couple of pieces of lace that I just had to have.  I LOVE laces!  I also found some zinc lids that will make great vintage Christmas ornaments.  I found a few vintage baby shoes that I have big plans was already altered a little bit.  Check out the little Santa doll.  Would he not be cool in a Configuration Box?! The little bag of spools for $1.00!  Gotta love them!!!  And ... the vintage doll head!  I know...some people might be creeped out by a doll head...but I think she's lovely.  Her eyes still move and everything!  I'll figure out some really neat way to display her.
I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!


  1. What gorgeous blooms in your garden, I love Spring. Great vintage finds too, can't wait to see what you create with some of them. Have a fabulous time at Ranger, Tracy x

  2. Great haul girlfriend! Have a wonderful time at Ranger U. I know you will and if I were you, I'd be hanging out with Hels. She is juist a wonderful funny, talented gal! I would love to meet you both and make art with you! Thanks for the heads up on my win too!

  3. Beautiful flowers and a wonderful pile of vintage fun from the flea market. Have a wonderful time at Ranger U - I think I would be on creative overload at a place like that! I just had a little peek at your make for SSSS next week and it is drop-dead amazing, as usual. I haven't even come up with an idea for the challenge yet - as usual too. LOL! Have a wonderful trip!


  4. The flowers are so beautiful Candy and loving the finds on your desk, you did great. Have a wonderful time at Ranger U and look forward to your return. Take care, hugs Annette x

  5. Wohoo looks like lots of fab treasure to create with !! Makes those wheels spin thinking of all the things to do with them!!

  6. Safe travels and have a fun time!!!

  7. Great finds! Have a blast at Ranger U! it is just filled with so many techniques! :)))
    Jennie #9

  8. Love your flowery pictures. Excitement with your garage sale finds. Wow. I have a doll head also was mine as a 2 yr old, I drapped a large piece of lace from the neck down and she sits on my dresser. But there are doll makers who can make a body. This doll had rubber arms and legs, and a cloth body.
    Have fun with your finds, I love a bargain!!

  9. Very cool stuff. Every time I see your desk I must admit I envy your supply of TH blenders with the lovely old fashioned stamp holder you've organized them on. How nice not to have to change sponges constantly!


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