Wednesday, September 28, 2011


My mother in law came for a visit last weekend while our husbands went to the OU vs. MU  college football game in Norman, Oklahoma.  She and I had the best time!!

One of the things we did was go to some garage sales around my area.  We hit the sales on the second day.  For those of you who are big garage sale people, you know that after the first morning, most of "good stuff" is gone.  But, we went anyway...something to do!!! 
I didn't find too much but here are a few little treasures that made it home with me.  I found two more of the little metal pencil sharpeners (player piano and covered wagon) that I love for $.25 each!  Yippee!!!  I already have the piano but for a quarter...I couldn't pass it up! I also loved the two spoons.  Not sure what I'll do with them but they were calling my name!  I also love the wit of Mark Twain and got a book of his quotes for another quarter.  The bag of crochet twine....LOVE IT!  That will definitely be incorporated into some of my work.  It was $.50. 

But .. my best find was ......
this beautiful floor lamp.  It is a sort of antique bronze and gold finish and not a scratch on it.  The shade is a lovely vintage looking crinkled taupe satin and the beaded trim is in perfect condition.  It snapped it up the second I saw it for $20.  The lady who owned it said she had purchased it at a very exclusive gift and home decor shop in the town where I live and had paid well over $100 for it.  It is such a heavy lamp and so well constructed, I had no doubt she was telling the truth.  

I have two or three spots in my house that this lamp would be perfect.  But for now, it's new home is next to my leather chair and ottoman in our master bedroom.  It will be a perfect reading lamp!


  1. Where am I when there are some fabulous finds, oh yes the UK, boo hoo. Cannot believe the prices of your finds, you lucky lady. Love your home furniture too. Tracy x

  2. Oh wow you lucky girl, such fab finds and the lamp was definitely made for your beautiful home. x

  3. wonderful finds Candy! I love the lamp and it looks perfect in your home!

  4. Great finds! Love that lamp, looks right at home next to the chair! lol!

  5. Good thing I wasn't at that sale or I might've elbowed you out for that lamp! Love the fringe on the shade... you made a super buy!


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