Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My sweet friend and Simon Says Stamp and Show Design Teammate, Terry from the Netherlands surprised me with a very special package the other day!!

She had asked me for my address and said she was going to send me something.  I had no idea what it was but I figured since we'd talked about different embellishments and laces, etc.  maybe she was going to send me a little piece of lace or a little paper embellishment.
Still, I was like a kid waiting for Christmas!  Every day, I would check the mail box and nothing.  But FINALLY, her package arrived!!!!  When I received the envelope, it was MUCH BIGGER than I expected.  I couldn't wait to open it up and see what my buddy had sent to me.
I opened it up and you couldn't have slapped the smile off of my face if you tried!!!  I was so touched at what my dear, sweet Terry had sent me!  There, wrapped up in the beautiful cream lace was the Travel Journal that she'd made for our Simon Says Challenge a few weeks back.  I had commented to her that I thought it was a lovely piece.  I never dreamed that she would send it to me...but she did!!!  She said she wanted me to use it to journal about my recent trip to China with my husband.  What a sweet and wonderful thing for her to do!  Along with the journal wrapped in the lace, Terry had tucked a beautiful hand made card into another piece of blue lace.  I was overwhelmed at her precious gift and I will treasure it!!!

Terry, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this most special gift but even more importantly, the gift of your friendship!


  1. Hi Candy,
    What beautiful gifts your friend sent you! Sweet...

  2. Wow! That is a WONDERFUL surprise! Terry is so talented, and so great with everything vintage!

  3. Hey there my amazing Candy.....wowzersss this is sooooo sweet of you to post such a sweet story on your blog, You know why I sent it to you, the first thing on my mind when I was making the Journal that I would sent it to you my sweet and precious friend. So you can write all of your adventures in it. And your most welcome...I really like surprising a precious friend. I can't wait for your stories....Big Hugs and thank you so much for your every so lovely and sweet story. Terry xxxx
    P.s. and thank you Lori for your sweet words hunni..xxxx

  4. That is so wonderful - it's fabulous to have something handmade by a friend to treasure, and great for that friend to know that it is going somewhere where it will be appreciated. What a gorgeous gift x

  5. How cool is that?! It looks beautiful :)


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