Friday, September 30, 2011


I got another wonderful package from far far away!!!  This time it is from Karen Hall or as I prefer to call her, "Kaz" of "The Little Shabby Shed".  If you have not checked out her blog, you should!!  Kaz is an amazing talent.  But even more, she is such a sweet, loving and caring person!!

Kaz and I became fast friends online mainly from complimenting each others work on the Simon Says Stamp and Show and Grungy Monday blogs.  Kaz's blog was recently featured in this edition of Craft Stampers' Magazine in the UK.  More about that in a second...

In one of our email conversations, I was going on about how we didn't have that magazine here and I would love to see the article about her.  So...Kaz...being the amazing person that she is; said she'd send a copy right over!!!  I received it the other day.  But, she didn't just send me the magazine!!!  She sent me a gorgeous extra large tag she made especially for me.  After drooling over the BEE-U-TEE-FUL tag and having to touch every inch of it, I curled up in my chair in my bedroom, next to my new lamp (see my post from the other day), laid my beautiful new "ART" tag next to me and became completely engrossed in the magazine.  So many wonderful pictures and articles!

Here is Kaz' feature on her blog.  "Blog of the Month" is a new feature that the magazine has added and Kaz' blog is the first.  Great choice Craft Stamper!!  Kaz' work is really, really...I mean REALLY GOOD!  Even THE LORD TIM OF HOLTZ has her on his "Blogs & Stuff" section.  She's in some excellent company there!!  She is also on the wickedly creative Dyan Reaveley's Design Team.  I love it that Kaz is so down to earth, so willing to share techniques and just talk about anything and everything in art.

As I was reading the magazine, I ran across another of my Brit buddies and a fellow Ranger U Grad from the class of 2011 .... Hels Sheridan of Ink On My Fingers.  Hels is another extremely talented, creative artist and if you're around her for 10 minutes, she will have you peeing your pants from laughing at her.  She is hysterical.!!  I had no idea that I was hangin' out online with such a bunch of celebrities!!!  (smile)  I am so proud of my Brit buddies!!!  They are amazing talents, creative geniuses and just GOOD PEOPLE!  
Kaz, I love you girlfriend!!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful magazine, your BEAUTIFUL large tag you made for me and for the sweet little note and black ribbon!  I treasure all of it and I treasure your friendship!



  1. Both Hels and Kaz are brilliant!

    ~Linda Cain

    google is messed up and won't let me comment today....hate it when that happens!

  2. Both Kaz and Hels are brilliant!!


  3. *Blush*
    you just made my day!! thank u soooo much love 2 ya too xx


  4. OOOOH!!!! YAY! Two of my FAV Brits with one of my FAV Americans! All wrapped up in one post! What a perfect day! Love you GF!

    Ellen xxx

  5. what wonderful treasures you have received! lovely friends too! Happy October my dear! Have a wonderful weekend!


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