Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Hi again all!

With it being so cold outside, I'm spending some quality time crafting in my craft room or with friends.

Yesterday, I got together with a couple of my best crafting buddies and we created some really cute little Winter home decor pieces. Within about 3 1/2 hours, we were finished!  

Beginning with a 3 1/2" square candle holder turned on it's side; we found a background piece using scrap cardstock.  That was cut and glued in place using Fabri-Tac Glue.  Next, we sized and cut a thin piece of corrugated cardboard for the base of our little vignette.

Going through my stash of snowmen, snowflakes, pine cones, deer, trees, little fence pieces, bells, ribbons and tinsel trim; anything related to winter was so much fun!  After deciding on the scene I wanted to create, I used a palette knife or my fingers to apply DecoArt's Snow-Tex onto the surface my little evergreen trees, fence, snowman and pine cones.  Then I immediately added DecoArt Crystal Glamour Dust over the wet Snow-Tex to give that added freshly fallen snow glisten to the fluffs of snow. 

Once dry, I added Snow-Tex to the corrugated cardboard base of my piece and added a little bit of glue to the bottom of the pieces I placed into the snow.  I let the sit on the cardboard and dry while I worked on the outer ribbon and greenery of the glass jar to decorate the sides and top.

I glued three flat glittery snowflakes onto the interior sides of the glass jar using Fabri-Tac.  It dried clear and the snowflakes look as if they are suspended in air.  Then I added double sided tape around the glass jar about 3/4" from the top.  Next I pressed the tinsel ribbon in place on the bottom and the sides going up the glass jar leaving plenty to tie a nice bow at the top.  I added a couple of extra loops of the tinsel ribbon by gluing them in place.  Then I added on the wired snowflakes, snowman bell, the two little snow covered evergreens, pine cones and finally the little silver jingle bells. 

Once dry, I pushed the scene in place inside of the glass jar.  It's not glued in place so I can change out the scenes if I wish to do so. 

This was such a fun and easy project to do!  The Snow-Tex and Glamour Dust add so much to a winter project with absolutely little to no effort.  Just use a palette knife, craft stick or your finger to apply the Snow-Tex and then sprinkle with the Glamour Dust fine glitter while it's still wet.  It dries to a harden sparkly snow-like finish!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. What a wonderful collection of elements you gathered and put together so beautifully. Love the idea of using the glass candle holder on its side and creating a fabulous little scene inside it. Great project Candy xxx


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