Monday, January 14, 2019


It's Winter and time for SNOW!  I love adding snow to Christmas and winter projects but unfortunately, REAL snow melts!  BUT ...  DecoArt has a wonderful product called 
"Snow-Tex" that is fabulous for creating that beautiful freshly fallen snow look.  Add a little DecoArt Crystal Glamour Dust fine glitter sprinkled over the wet Snow-Tex and you get that unmistakable glisten that comes with fluffy and powdery real snow.

I recently did a paint class with my daughter and we had a complete blast.  The wall decor that we did was taken from a really cute piece of art work on DecoArt's Social Art Working site.  

Did you know there was such a thing?  Well, there is and you can get some really cute ideas for your own projects or also for paint parties!  Click HERE to be taken to the main DecoArt Social Artworking page.  Click HERE to be taken to the page that featured the woody that my daughter and I painted in our class.

Here is the original piece.  Really cute!  Our party host, Kenda Baker, of Block Party by Kenda on Facebook, had purchased this pattern and expanded it for us to be able to paint it on a much larger surface area.

You can purchase not only the pattern for the art work but you can also order all of the supplies you need as well as get ideas for your classes or party time with friends.  One stop shopping, for sure!  And ... you can mix it up on the design to be whatever you want it to be!

Here is my finished piece.  Instead of painting on a canvas, we painted on two 26"  wooden pickets.  The finished piece is 26" x 11". I love it!  

After painting the entire piece and brought it home, I added Snow-Tex randomly along the ground and on the raised snowy areas of the woody.  I also added Snow-Tex to the bottle brush tree that is stapled onto the boards.

Here you can better see the dimension that the Snow-Tex adds to the painted areas.  I wish the Glamour Dust glisten would pick up better on the photograph because in person, it is just AWESOME!  The light just captures it and makes that snow look so real!

And look at that bottle brush tree stapled to the top of the car!!  How adorable is that?!?  The original art work has a painted tree on the top of the woody and it is darling.  But...being someone that really loves dimension, the bottle brush tree is just a stroke of genius! Thanks Kenda!

If you're in the process of creating some cute Christmas or Winter projects and you'll be adding snow, check out Snow-Tex!  It's SO EASY to use and you get fantastic results!

Happy Winter Everyone!


  1. Snowtex is an amazing product and I love how you’ve achieved fabulous results with it on that bottle brush tree. The finished boards are wonderfully retro. Great project for the children too. Have a great week xxx

  2. Wow.. Beautiful. Love the texture and depth. Brilliant doing on wood and bottle brush tree. Great colors.


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