Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Me again back with another story about DecoArt's Snow-Tex.

This time, it's about my daughter's first grade class and their experience with Snow-Tex.

My daughter is a first grade teacher and she wanted to do something a wonderful interactive Christmas project for her students and their parents.  There is a wonderful art teacher at her school and the two of them put their heads together to make it happen!

My daughter drew and then traced the truck you will see in the finiahed canvases below on twenty 11" x 14" canvases.  Each student invited one parent, grandparent, guardian or whoever could come to experience this project with them.  (They could only invite one because of limited space in the art room).  They had a WONDERFUL turnout!

While sipping on lemonade or water and munching Christmas cookies and other baked goodies, the students and their attending adults painted, laughed, talked and shared such a special moment of art together!  It really was a magical moment and one that will be repeated for future Christmases!

Once the students had finished tracing their trucks with Black Sharpies, they painted all of the truck.  We sealed the truck with DecoArt Matte Spray Sealer.  Then each student was shown how to apply Snow-Tex randomly on the truck, the ground, wherever they wanted to add that dimensional look of real snow to their canvas.  While the Snow-Tex was still wet, the students could sprinkle DecoArt's Crystal Glamour Dust over the "snow" to give it a freshly fallen glisten.  

The kids absolutely LOVED adding the Snow-Tex using craft sticks.  You should have seen their faces as their "snow" started to mound up and add so much fun to their projects.  And when they added the crystal fine glitter, they were just amazed at how much that added.

FInally, they painted whatever saying they wanted to on their canvas.  Here you are only seeing four of the finished canvases but EACH one was equally fantastic with their own personal touches. And I can't tell you how wonderful that precious time was for the students and their adults to spend together working on such a prized possession!

These little first graders were beaming and smiling ear to ear; so proud of what they had created!  I feel very confident that these will be cherished canvases and displayed year to year around the holidays at the homes of these wonderful children.

Thanks to DecoArt for creating such fabulous products!  So easy ... even a FIRST GRADER can use it and with tremendous results!

Happy Winter Everyone!!!

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  1. What a fantastic achievement for all those in First grade Candy and a treasure for future years x Love the truck and the festive tree x Christmas is all about the children and this is a fabulous post...thank you for sharing.

    Best wishes
    Annie xx


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